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Automated Email Work Flows – Because You and Lucy Can’t Keep Up!

by Brandon Contreras on April 18, 2016

4 minute read

One of my favorite I Love Lucy episodes involves Lucy and Ethel working in that chocolate factory. Remember? Try as she might she is unable to keep up with the volume of tasty chocolates coming down the conveyor belt. She’s stuffing chocolates in her pocket, mouth, hat, etc. Love it! Even in writing this post… I’m chuckling.

I’m using this scene as an analogy for what many organizations are attempting to do with email. Organizations send out a bulk email campaign. More than likely their Email Service Provider can show click-throughs. Then they follow up with a separate email to the people that initially clicked-through on the first message. Again, monitoring the click-throughs of the second message all the while attempting to increase their specificity and relevance in a manual fashion… and running themselves ragged in the process. Kudos to these dedicated individuals but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Ditch the Zero get with the Hero

Digest the pill; you can’t keep up. That’s cool, neither could Lucy. Relax, automation can ease the pain and automating your email workflows is beyond helpful!

According to Jupiter Research, automation is the best and easiest way to send timely, relevant emails to contacts in your database. Relevant emails drive 18x more revenue than broadcast emails.

And because you can’t keep up, you can use automation to keep prospects engaged until they're ready to purchase or further engage. The Annuitas group states that nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases.

Business up front, party in the back

I’m not going to the one to tell you that setting up automation is all dandelions and rose peddles. To the contrary! There is some hard work and effort on the front side to get things up and running. Trust me, once it’s set up the ongoing maintenance, monitoring and tweaking is far less than all the manual anguish that you’ve been used to. With automation you’re going to be able to stretch the mileage on existing content versus hamster wheeling more assets for more blasts for more… you know chocolates on the conveyor belt.

According to The Lenskold and Pedowitz Groups, besides continually working behind the scenes after the initial setup, automation helps you get more mileage from your existing content. Sending automated emails helps marketers repurpose 61% more content than marketers who don't use automation. 61%... Huge! How would this impact the precious commodity of time for both you and your marketing squad? More time to focus on the strategic? Less on the logistics? You get it!

Brass Tacks

A new, somewhat new, maybe… been around for a number of years, technology exists for you easily automate your email campaigns. This allows you to offer up specific and relevant content at heightened time of prospect's interest. You can’t do this manually and effectively keep up, no matter how small your database. In the vid below I show off a quick build of both an email drip campaign as well as a lead nurturing sequence.


Thanks for reading, thanks for watching… more importantly thanks for commenting and sharing!

This blog post first appeared on the LinkedIn Pulse and is authored by Brandon Contreras, Manager of Global Channel Development at Act-On Software, Inc.

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