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Automate Communication Using Sugar Reports

by Roxana Rangu on June 25, 2020

3 minute read

Effective remote work includes the ability to monitor your organization’s marketing analytics, sales trends, case reports, and customer profiles.

Sugar allows your workforce to create real-time Reports and Dashboards on any metric and keep everyone aligned to your company’s goals, from wherever they are located.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording of the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers.

If you have questions about Sugar, please feel free to contact us.

What are Sugar Reports

  • With Sugar's CRM reports, you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers.
  • Monitor performance across your business including marketing analytics, sales trends, case reports, and customer profiles.
  • Users can create real-time Reports on any metric and manage access, without having to rely on Administrators.

Automate Communication Using Sugar Reports

Automate Communication Using Sugar Reports Q&A

Is there an extra cost to see my reports in my email body?

That is a W-Systems extension, and if you are a customer, there is no additional cost. If you’re not, please reach out and we can discuss pricing based on the user base that you have. Generally, it’s $10/user/month to be on our wCare service and support program, and have access to our Sugar enhancements.

Can any report be a dashlet?

Yes. Anything from summarized view to pie charts or list views can be charted out.

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