Auto-Filing Email using the wMobile Fetcher Service

by Lynn Catterson on November 25, 2016

4 minute read

Did you know that wMobile has the capability of automatically filing incoming and outgoing emails to GoldMine History, based on a matching email address? For incoming email linking, the email account must use an IMAP connection, as opposed to a POP3 connection. This functionality is ideal for customers that don’t use the GoldMine/wMobile email clients, that don’t use GoldMine Plus integration with Outlook, or perhaps use a combination of email clients. The wMobile Email Fetcher Service performs the auto-filing tasks.

Auto-Filing can be configured by users in the wMobile Phone and Desktop user preferences. Administrators can configure auto-filing in the wMobile Manager Console.  For ease of demonstration, we’ll be using the Manager Console in this article.

Open the wMobile Manager Console on the server where it’s installed.  Navigate using the wMobile Explorer pane to wMobile > Email Fetcher > Email Accounts.  All configured email accounts will be listed here.

Highlight an account and select Edit in the Actions pane.

Select the Email Folder Settings tab. Email folders such as the Inbox and Sent Mail/Sent Items folders can be check-marked for Auto-Filing.

If the user has a lot of folders, the Folder Types can be filtered by clicking on the filter icon and check-marking only certain folders such as Inbox and Sent.

When Auto File is checked, the wMobile Email Fetcher Service will periodically check the folder(s) on the server or ISP mailbox for the configured account(s). When a match is found, based on matching email address in GoldMine, the email will be filed to the corresponding GoldMine History record. When the email folder selections are made, select Save and Close at the bottom of the window.

Note: Auto File is available for sent folders for all types of email accounts. As mentioned above, Auto File is only available for incoming email if the email account is using the IMAP protocol. The Inbox folder would be missing on this page for POP3 email accounts.

wMobile Email Fetcher Service Settings

Open the System Settings.

Navigate to Configuration > Common > Email. These are the settings that control the wMobile Email Fetcher behavior.

By default, the email fetcher service checks configured email accounts for new email and performs Auto File tasks every 30 minutes, but the interval can be adjusted. This is the EmailFetcherMinCheckInterval setting shown above. Admins should be mindful of resources on the server when adjusting these settings. Considerations include how many email accounts are being checked and what other applications and services run on the server.

Other settings that should be highlighted are the CountLimit and DaysLimit.  The default settings for auto-filing are 1,000 and 30, respectively.  So that would archive up to 1,000 email messages over the last 30 days. If you’re trying to archive more than this, you’ll need to adjust those numbers up, and be aware that these tasks could take some time to complete.

If a company uses a mixture of email clients such as GoldMine in the office, and mobile device email when out of the office, auto filing from the Inbox or Sent folders could result in some email duplication.  In this case, there is a De-Duplication Service that would remove duplicated filed emails (based on the unique Mail ID). To enable the De-Duplication Service, the DDEnabled setting must be set to True.

After any changes in the system settings, select Save in the Actions pane. If prompted to restart the Email Fetcher Service, select Yes to do so. (This will not be needed in the current wMobile version, but might be required in older versions of wMobile.)

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