Articles by Roxana Dicu

Transparency Has a New Name: Sugar System Audit Module

by Roxana Dicu on Nov 14, 2019

Have you wanted more transparency into all the changes within your Sugar instance? Now you can with the Sugar System Audit Module. Read More »

5 Things that Every CRM Should Have

by Roxana Dicu on Nov 11, 2019

Check out W-Systems’ CRM Impact Score, a tool designed to help you shine a light on how effectively you are maximizing the use of your CRM platform. Read More »

Sugar Fall ‘19 is now Live

by Roxana Dicu on Oct 22, 2019

Sugar Fall '19 advances SugarCRM’s robust suite of customer experience (CX) solutions, enabling employees to collaborate across the entire customer lifecycle. Read More »

Top 10 Reasons to Use wTools

by Roxana Dicu on Sep 27, 2019

Are you a SugarCRM user? Find out why our wTools customizations will make your life much easier! Read More »

Setting Up a Sugar Dev Instance to Test Your Customizations

by Roxana Dicu on Sep 13, 2019

Follow our five steps to set up your Sugar dev environment and start developing your own Sugar customizations! Read More »

Better Reports with the Enhanced Report Scheduler for SugarCRM

by Roxana Dicu on Aug 22, 2019

Take a look at how users are able to easily send scheduled reports via email in different formats with the Enhanced Report Scheduler for SugarCRM. Read More »

How to Quickly Create Documents in Sugar Using wDocs’ New Template Builder

by Roxana Dicu on Aug 13, 2019

You asked, we delivered — wDocs now includes a Template Builder so you can start generating documents from Sugar in no time! Read More »

Advanced Sugar Administrator Tools

by Roxana Dicu on Jul 23, 2019

Our customization for Sugar administrators allows you to easily copy user and team configurations, including dashboards, filters, locale settings and more. Read More »

Looking Back: 15 Years of SugarCRM

by Roxana Dicu on Jun 20, 2019

This blog post celebrates the 15 year anniversary of SugarCRM and their overall history as a CRM leader. Read More »

4 Tips from DMWF 2019 to Find Your Social Media Personal Touch

by Roxana Dicu on Jun 11, 2019

We attended the Digital Marketing World Forum in London, and the experience was one of a kind. Take a look at our top social media takeaways from DMWF 2019! Read More »

Document Automation in SugarCRM: PDF Manager and wDocs

by Roxana Dicu on Mar 7, 2019

Learn about Sugar's out-of-the-box PDF Manager and wDocs, our Document Automation solution for Sugar and see which one is the best for your business. Read More »

Transforming Lead Generation With Sugar

by Roxana Dicu on Oct 4, 2018

Learn more on how this year’s SugarCon speaker, Military AutoSource transformed their lead generation into a multi-channel model. Read More »