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Articles by James McGirr

SugarCRM Integration with MediaWiki

October 14, 2009   •   2 minute read

Recently we wanted to integrate MediaWiki with SugarCRM such that when you log in to Sugar, you are automatically authenticated in MediaWiki.

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Some Small SugarCRM Tweaks

September 3, 2009   •   3 minute read

I decided to change two small things that have always kind of bothered me with SugarCRM.

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Customized PDF Quotes For SugarCRM

August 25, 2009   •   one minute read

Recently we decided to play with TCPDF to see if we could create nicer looking PDF quotes from Sugar.

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Historical Tracking of Contracts

July 16, 2009   •   4 minute read

SugarCRM can be configured to maintain a historical audit table for any data stored in the system.

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