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Articles by J.D. Perez

Sugar User Group: Managing Calls and Meetings in Sugar

July 31, 2012   •   4 minute read

W-Systems hosted a SugarCRM training session on managing calls and meetings.

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Advanced SugarCRM Reporting with Informer

July 5, 2012   •   2 minute read

What is a BI Tool & How Does It Work With SugarCRM? As your business progresses, you need to be able to make decisions quickly without much fuss.

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Business and Social Media Expectations #realtalk

June 26, 2012   •   5 minute read

Recently SugarCRM recognized W-Systems for its marketing efforts.

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Sugar User Group: Importing & Exporting

May 23, 2012   •   4 minute read

W-Systems engineering manager Eric Wikman and W-Systems software engineer Aaron Wine hosted a webinar on importing and exporting in SugarCRM.

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Customizing Dashlets and Tabs in SugarCRM

May 4, 2012   •   3 minute read

In this short training session, W-Systems’s software engineer Tommy Wiebell discusses dashlets and dashlet tabs in SugarCRM.

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Sugar User Group: Email Campaigns (Part 3)

March 27, 2012   •   5 minute read

This portion of our online training series focused on how to schedule emails to build your own nurturing campaign in Sugar.

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Sugar User Group: Email Campaigns (Part 2)

March 27, 2012   •   4 minute read

This User Group's topics included how to create email templates and newsletters, embed tracker links, and create target, suppression, and seed lists in Sugar.

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