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Articles by Fred Block

Building Contact Groups from SQL Queries in GoldMine

August 23, 2017   •   5 minute read

Take look at the different methods for building a contact group in GoldMine. This article discusses building a contact group using a SQL query.

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Duplicate Detection Settings in wMobile (Contacts) - Updated

July 11, 2017   •   9 minute read

We worked with our developers to further enhance how wMobile offers control over duplication when creating or editing records.

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Sending wMobile Logs if Port 25 is Blocked

April 13, 2017   •   3 minute read

We sometimes need to deal with blocked ports on our networks that hinder us from getting work done. Case in point: sending wMobile logs at W-Systems support.

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Updating Records Using an Import

January 19, 2017   •   5 minute read

How the power of using "Import" to update information in Sugar is a great solution to update specific account records using data from a spreadsheet.

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Duplicate Detection Settings in wMobile (Contacts)

October 19, 2016   •   6 minute read

When creating new or editing existing contact record, learn how wMobile provides control over duplication.

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Notes Summary Automation

July 22, 2016   •   4 minute read

The Notes Summary package gives users a quick peek into recent activity without the need to drill down into the module.

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Knowledge Base Module Updates for Sugar 7.7: How It Works (Part 2)

May 3, 2016   •   4 minute read

In this article, we'll cover the remainder of what's new with the updated Sugar Knowledge Base Module.

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Knowledge Base Module Updates for Sugar 7.7: How It Works (Part 1)

April 26, 2016   •   6 minute read

Discover the Knowledge Base Module Updates for Sugar 7.7, along with some "how to" support.

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Custom Fields in Projects

April 12, 2016   •   4 minute read

If you use Projects, wMobile supports displaying the custom fields that are configured for Projects in your copy of GoldMine.

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Managing Contact Tabs in wMobile Desktop

January 12, 2016   •   8 minute read

Save users from searching through contact tabs they don't need to see and set the order of the visible tabs to make the interface more user-friendly.

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Crystal Reports in wMobile Desktop and Phone

November 10, 2015   •   6 minute read

In the post, we will walk you through the steps required to run a Crystal Report in wMobile Desktop and Phone editions.

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Recurring Activities in wMobile

September 1, 2015   •   16 minute read

We'll jump right in and walk through creating and working with recurring activities in wMobile Desktop and wMobile Phone editions.

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