Articles by Christian Wettre

Scanning Business Cards into Sugar

by Christian Wettre on Jul 7, 2015

Business Cards are alive and well. We often get the question on how to best scan these cards and enter them into Sugar. Read More »

Adding One Click DYMO Label Printing to Sugar

by Christian Wettre on May 5, 2015

W-Systems has released a new version of the DYMO Label print button for SugarCRM version 7.5. Read More »

New Sugar Field Type: Notification Text Field Module Download

by Christian Wettre on Apr 13, 2015

We love the freedom to create with SugarCRM 7. In this article we are sharing a custom module for Sugar that creates a new field type. Read More »

Sugar Tips: Using ListView Dashlets in the Intelligence Pane

by Christian Wettre on Mar 30, 2015

One of our often-used configuration solutions for SugarCRM is to utilize the ListView dashlet inside a record views Intelligence Pane. Read More »

Sugar External Content Dashlet with Act-On

by Christian Wettre on Mar 18, 2015

Here at W-Systems we are continuously polishing our SugarCRM dashboards and we are looking for new ways to visualize our information. Read More »

Sugar Gauge Dashlets

by Christian Wettre on Feb 27, 2015

We have been on a tear lately creating dashboards and custom dashlet components for Sugar. In this example we've created a configurable gauge chart dashlet. Read More »

Sugar Tips: SugarCRM Keyboard Shortcuts

by Christian Wettre on Feb 25, 2015

The SugarCRM user interface is all about offering fast and easy to use capabilities. Here are some keyboard shortcuts that will speed the way you work. Read More »

Sugar Tips: Mobile CRM Voice Meeting Notes

by Christian Wettre on Feb 19, 2015

This Sugar Tip is aimed at users and explains how to add meeting notes on mobile through voice commands (such as Siri on iOS). Read More »

Importing Sugar Target Lists as a Marketing List in Act-On

by Christian Wettre on Feb 17, 2015

SugarCRM target lists are collections or targets, leads, contacts, accounts and users. A target list is typically used for some type of marketing campaign, so it is appropriate to see the ability to use them from within Act-On. Read More »

Dashboard Drill Down Enhancement for Sugar 7

by Christian Wettre on Jan 5, 2015

With this module installed you can click on the drill down link on any report based dashlet to open the dashlets underlying report in a new browser tab. Read More »

How We Use Sugar’s Dashboards

by Christian Wettre on Jan 1, 2015

Our personal preference is to have multiple dashboards. We use an overview dashboard combined with several more focused departmental dashboards. Here's how. Read More »

Video Tutorial: Managing Contract Expiration Dates using Sugar Workflows

by Christian Wettre on Sep 25, 2014

In this video tutorial we will use SugarCRM’s workflow feature to help in the management of the contract renewal process. Read More »