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How To Continuously Improve Your CRM (Part Two - Dashboards)

July 5, 2017   •   10 minute read

In this post, we will look at how to create more valuable CRM dashboards.

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How To Continuously Improve Your CRM (Part One - Data)

June 16, 2017   •   7 minute read

The process of getting the maximum value from your CRM investment is a process of continuous improvement.

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How To Continuously Improve Your CRM (Part Three - Automation)

January 24, 2017   •   7 minute read

In today’s post we will look at how to automate routine CRM tasks.

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How Company Culture Affects the Success of CRM

August 7, 2015   •   4 minute read

The W-Systems team has discovered some universal truths about how to increase user adoption of new technology.

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Why Implement CRM?

May 17, 2013   •   4 minute read

After completing hundreds of CRM deployments for companies, W-Systems has found that there are three reasons why companies deploy CRM.

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Now More Than Ever - Data Quality is a Critical CRM Success Factor

June 28, 2011   •   4 minute read

Today CRM deployments are much smoother than they used to be.

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The Future of Information Technology Organizations in the Cloud-Based Future

June 16, 2011   •   3 minute read

Apple hosted an open discussion among Information Technology (IT) professionals about the challenges of mobile device deployment in the education environment.

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Going the Extra Mile for the Customer…Then Turning Back

June 13, 2011   •   3 minute read

Chris Bucholtz wrote a great post in the CRM Outsiders Blog entitled "Going the Extra Mile for Customers".

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Focusing on the Wrong End of the Pipeline

June 9, 2011   •   3 minute read

An easy way to tell great sales organizations from average sales organizations is to measure where managers spend the majority of their time.

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SugarCRM’s Enterprise Opportunity

May 26, 2011   •   3 minute read

At W-Systems we’ve seen a number of large enterprise customers with a keen interest in Sugar.

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The Giraffes of Altruism

May 23, 2011   •   3 minute read

Human beings are “the giraffes of altruism.” Just as giraffes got long necks to help them survive, humans developed moral minds that help them succeed.

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W-Systems Performance Hosting Platform Is Too Fast!

April 28, 2010   •   3 minute read

Turns out that the servers we use in our SugarCRM Performance Hosting Platform are just too fast!

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