Articles by Andrei Voiculescu

Local Email Rules in wMobile for GoldMine

by Andrei Voiculescu on May 15, 2019

Starting with wMobile for GoldMine, users can manage their emails in a faster and lightweight way using local rules for incoming emails. Read More »

Sugar Integrations: Best Practices and Identity Management

by Andrei Voiculescu on Dec 6, 2018

There are many factors to consider when integrating with Sugar. Let's take a look at best practices for building and improving upon your Sugar integrations. Read More »

Using the HTTPS Protocol With wMobile

by Andrei Voiculescu on Aug 8, 2018

wMobile does not require the HTTPS protocol to run but this is recommended. Learn how to enable it in our walkthrough. Read More »

Email Merge in wMobile Desktop

by Andrei Voiculescu on Oct 30, 2017

wMobile Desktop now has the option to merge an email to many contacts. This article describes multiple scenarios of email merging. Read More »

wMobile Resource Manager

by Andrei Voiculescu on Dec 1, 2015

The Resource Manager feature allows the customer to add new languages ("cultures") and provide an easy way to insert the translation for each resource. Read More »

Record Typing over wMobile

by Andrei Voiculescu on Mar 4, 2015

A Record Type defines a “special” view of a contact and its related elements, according to a given Record Type Rule applied to the current contact. Read More »

Tutorial: Setting up Record Alerts

by Andrei Voiculescu on Oct 14, 2014

Record Alerts in wMobile are used to inform users about a problem in someone's account such as credit issues. Read More »