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Counting the Days of Your Records

February 19, 2014   •   7 minute read

In my preparation for the webinar on Sugar calculated fields and dependent fields, I hit a minor A-HA moment whereas I came up with a unique solution to an issu

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Are You Ready For Your Unexpected Event?

January 21, 2014   •   4 minute read

Our client, BillCutterz, has landed a national spot on ABC World News at 5:30 PM Central time tonight for the Real Money segment.

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Workflow – Your Way to Be a Better You

November 1, 2013   •   5 minute read

Use SugarCRM to manage workflows, like custom fields in conjunction with workflows, and create not only some great automation but functional tools in our Sugar instances.

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Net Zero Change to my Bucket List

June 12, 2013   •   7 minute read

With this year’s SugarCon in New York, one of my end goals cropped up that tied both my love of a good story and one of my bucket list items.

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Things Belong in Boxes…. You Don’t.

March 21, 2013   •   6 minute read

This blog post goes through the important of sharing your data findings with co-workers, instead of keeping it for yourself only, in a "box".

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Reading this Blog Post is FREE!!!

January 29, 2013   •   5 minute read

Every now and then I stumble upon something amazing, timely or just plain lucky.

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This Is Your Brain on CRM

November 27, 2012   •   8 minute read

One of the beautiful things about working at W-Systems is that we are entitled as software engineers to make our world better.

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More CRM With Your Meal?

October 24, 2012   •   5 minute read

One of our engineers details his experience at W-Systems and working with SugarCRM.

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