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How CRM Could Have Saved Ursula’s Demise In ‘The Little Mermaid’

Oct 14, 2019

Take a look at three ways Ursula could have been “Ruler of all the Oceans” with the help of Sugar and W-Systems Sugar add-ons and integrations.

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Top 5 Tips to Amaze Your Audience Through Marketing Content

Oct 10, 2019

Looking to capture your audience’s attention and drive more conversions? Here are five tips to create amazing marketing content!

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How to View Amazon QuickSight Charts in Sugar

Oct 8, 2019

Meet our Sugar integration for QuickSight, a BI tool that helps Sugar users working with large databases accomplish tasks faster.

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SugarConnection Boston 2019 Recap

Oct 3, 2019

This year’s SugarConnection in Boston came with a lot of exciting announcements, releases, and hot topics. Read our recap to find out how it went!

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Top 10 Reasons to Use wTools

Sep 27, 2019

Are you a SugarCRM user? Find out why our wTools customizations will make your life much easier!

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Reordering the Main Menu in wMobile Desktop for GoldMine

Sep 26, 2019

Read through this blog post to learn how to reorder the Main Menu in wMobile Desktop for GoldMine 5.0. It's never been easier!

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Meet the Ultimate Sales and Marketing Truth Slayer

Sep 19, 2019

Excited about SugarConnection Boston 2019? This year’s edition features Scott Stratten and we are here to give you an insight into his “unmarketing" views.

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Fall Into the New SugarCRM

Sep 18, 2019

The weather may be starting to cool off, but make sure you don't miss our recap of all the latest Sugar news, without any filler or fluff.

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Setting Up a Sugar Dev Instance to Test Your Customizations

Sep 13, 2019

Follow our five steps to set up your Sugar dev environment and start developing your own Sugar customizations!

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When an Email Marketing Tool Isn’t Enough

Sep 5, 2019

When is an email marketing tool not enough? At what point do you need to step up your efforts with marketing automation? The answer is two-fold.

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Rev Up Your B2B Lead Generation Engine

Aug 27, 2019

To generate more B2B leads next year, you'll need to start preparing now. Discover the 4 steps to a successful marketing automation implementation!

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Take a Look at wMobile for GoldMine’s New Facelift

Aug 22, 2019

wMobile Desktop for GoldMine has received a much-awaited UI overhaul, and we are proud to announce it is available with the release of wMobile for GoldMine 5.0.

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