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The Astonishing Gap in Customer Service

by Katie Liesmann on October 26, 2015

3 minute read

I recently got to sit in on a webcast we did on using CRM for customer service. Our Director of Marketing, Amanda Anderson, and our partner 3CLogic led a discussion on the gap in customer service today. So what is this gap we talked about and why does it exist?

The Gap

The gap we are referring to is the difference between the customer service expectations of today’s consumers and the customer service that is actually being delivered by businesses today. Think about it--there are a few companies like Amazon and Zappos who have revolutionized customer service expectations. But most of us aren’t behemoths like Amazon and can’t afford to have drones deliver our products and services. So rather than tackle being the next Amazon, most organizations just stay the same and don’t rethink their customer service offerings. So do we have proof that this gap exists? Sure thing. According to Forrester, 80% of companies think they are nailing customer service. But when consumers were asked about those same companies, they said only 8% delivered outstanding customer service. So essentially, 72% of participants are misaligned with what their customers are expecting.


Why Does It Exist?

So why does this gap exist? It’s because of how market dominators are changing consumers expectations in a way that SMBs can’t keep up with. When a customer calls AT&T for help with their router (a billion dollar company) they expect the same quality of service as when they call W-Systems (an under 50-person company) for a question about their CRM. Here are a couple of reasons that we believe the gap exists:

  1. Today’s consumers are using more than one media channel to communicate support needs (social media, phone, email), yet most service companies still operate on one channel for customer support.
  2. 67% of today’s consumers would rather use self-service than speak to a rep. Yet most SMBs only use support lines.
  3. Consumers are expecting their issue to be resolved upon their first contact point with customer service -- yet 60% of calls aren’t resolved due to the rep’s lack of access to data.

At the end of our webcast, we discussed four ways your organization can close the gap using CRM. Do you have any insights on this topic? What has your organization done to meet customer expectations?

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