Are You Ready For Your Unexpected Event?

by Aaron Wine on January 21, 2014

One of the things I’ve come across recently in my quarterly calls with a couple of my clients is that sometimes something amazing will happen either by luck, hard work or in most cases, both. When the amazing thing happens, your company will want to take full advantage of what’s going on. If your foundation is not set, then the fleeting awesomeness will just pass you by and leave you as a watcher. Whereas if you have prepared well, then you can take full advantage of these events. One client in particular is going to test their preparedness here shortly. Our client, BillCutterz, has landed a national spot on ABC World News at 5:30 PM Central time tonight for the Real Money segment.

First of all, I love the concept of what BillCutterz does and I immediately signed up when I learned what they did. They basically will figure out which bills you are paying too much on and will negotiate on your behalf to get those fees lower. When the segment runs later today, BillCutterz is going to be trending. Potential customers are going to flood their system. If their systems can not handle the load, then very few leads will be created from those looking into BillCutterz based on this national news segment. Because BillCutterz has built great workflows and automation in their SugarCRM system, I suspect that they will have the ability to capture many of the leads that head their way. In today’s world you only have hours, maybe even minutes, of trending time. If your systems fail you, you could potentially miss out. I personally experienced this when I was helping my kids do their Kickstarter for their game. For some reason, a random person posted their Kickstarter link on a popular forum and for a day and a half they received 60% of their funding and basically made their goal. We were able to use a community edition of SugarCRM for our kids' business to handle the influx in conjunction with Kickstarter. Because we were prepared, we were able to take advantage of the situation and process the orders quickly.

Because you can not predict when amazing events happen, you should look into how your company would handle system stress by testing it. Here’s a small list of some things you can do to help your systems be prepared.

  1. Make sure your website can ramp up if a bunch of people are trying to check you out at one time.
  2. Have web to lead forms in place on your website so potential customers are automatically placed into your CRM.
  3. Put in customer processing automation by taking advantage of the workflow management in the administrator tool if using SugarCRM.
  4. If you start seeing a big pop on website statistics, do a reverse search to see where these leads are coming from. We found the forum post early on for my kids' Kickstarter and were able to fan the flames.
  5. If using SugarCRM, set up your dashlets on your dashboards to monitor your leads. Have the dashlet auto refresh and keep it open on one of your screens.

  If you are questioning the readiness of your processes, contact one of the amazing experts here.

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