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Using Marketing Automation for Sales Reporting

by Amanda Anderson on May 3, 2016

Marketing Automation is a great tool for marketers to send emails, run nurture campaigns, manage events, track website visits, and more.

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Knowledge Base Module Updates for Sugar 7.7: How It Works (Part 2)

by Fred Block on May 3, 2016

In this article, we'll cover the remainder of what's new with the updated Sugar Knowledge Base Module.

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Slack Integration for SugarCRM

by Katie Liesmann on May 10, 2016

This post is about a customized version of our Sugar integration for Slack.

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New Releases of Sugar Test Tools for Sugar 7.7

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on May 16, 2016

To coincide with the release of Sugar 7.7, the SugarCRM Engineering team has released updated versions of Unit Tests and Performance tools.

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4 Reasons to Deploy a Mobile CRM

by Katie Liesmann on May 17, 2016

Providing users with another option to access the CRM gives them more choices--learn more about Mobile CRM.

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Sugar User Group: Surprising Enterprise Features

by Katie Liesmann on May 20, 2016

Earlier this week, our team hosted a webinar on Sugar Enterprise and the features within it.

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Sugar User Group: Sugar 7.7 Highlights

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on May 23, 2016

Our Sugar User Group focused on the new features and enhancements in the Sugar 7.7 update.

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10 Ways 3CLogic for SugarCRM Boosts Customer Engagements

by Rachel Brink on May 25, 2016

Read this post to learn what 3CLogic’s Computer Telephony Integration can do for your business.

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SugarCRM Releases Version 2.2 of Outlook Plugin for Sugar

by Katie Liesmann on May 27, 2016

This plugin to Microsoft Outlook allows you to archive emails to Sugar, edit records (such as contacts, meetings, calls, and tasks) and create new records.

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Creating Email Templates in wMobile Desktop

by Lynn Catterson on May 27, 2016

Learn how to create email templates directly in wMobile Desktop.

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Lunch and Learn at Keens Steakhouse Event Recap

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on May 27, 2016

W-Systems hosted a Lunch in Learn in NYC with Act-On and SugarCRM and Keens Steakhouse.

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CRM Evolution 2016 Conference Recap

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on May 27, 2016

In 2016, CRM Evolution took place in Washington, DC where some of the most influential people in the CRM industry were able to meet from May 23 - 25.

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