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Recurring Activities in wMobile

Sep 1, 2015

We'll jump right in and walk through creating and working with recurring activities in wMobile Desktop and wMobile Phone editions.

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Marketing Automation: How to Narrow Down Your Options

Sep 2, 2015

After working with several customers to find an optimal platform for them, we have developed the steps to choosing a platform that’s right for your business.

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Simple Technologies Joins W-Systems

Sep 8, 2015

W-Systems and Simple Technologies announced that they have merged and will be operating under the name W-Systems as of August 1, 2015.

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Getting More Out of Sugar Dashlets

Sep 10, 2015

Dashboards and Dashlets are designed to prioritize information and help you stay organized in Sugar.

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Double-Click to Edit List View Rows

Sep 11, 2015

A simple module to make it a little quicker to edit a row in list view mode. Freely available to any W-Systems SugarCRM customer.

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GoldMine’s Copy Contact Details is Copy to Clipboard in wMobile

Sep 14, 2015

GoldMine has an option to Copy Contact Details. In this article we explain how to use a similar option on the wMobile Desktop toolbar.

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Workflow Initialization Utility

Sep 15, 2015

When working with SugarCRM workflows that are time-based, SugarCRM places the steps into a queue waiting for the date and time to execute the actions.

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Sugar User Group: wTools

Sep 16, 2015

In this webinar, we demoed our ever-growing wTools Product Library of Sugar customizations available to W-Systems customers.

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Sugar Account Newsfeed Dashlet

Sep 21, 2015

Sugar users can quickly add a valuable feature that provides the latest information for any of their accounts: A Google Newsfeed panel.

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The Dynamic Duo: SugarCRM + Act-On Marketing Automation Webinar

Sep 22, 2015

This webinar showcased the combined power of SugarCRM + Act-On Marketing Automation and their ability to give your business an edge over the competition.

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Expanded Searching and Sharing in Sugar Mobile 2.7

Sep 23, 2015

Here are the biggest changes in Sugar Mobile 2.7 for both Android and iOS.

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wMobile System Settings (Part 1)

Sep 29, 2015

Learn more about wMobile's variety of System Settings. Gain control on how wMobile works, what options are visible to users, and how often certain tasks happen.

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