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SugarCRM Tutorial: How to Create a Re-Usable SugarField

Feb 1, 2013

SugarCRM provides a way to add any such field types to a Sugar system but it will require a little PHP code to do it. Learn how.

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New Enhancements to Our FedEx Integration with SugarCRM

Feb 1, 2013

All the updates to our FedEx integration for Sugar since our last blog post.

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An Engineered Point of View: Security Enhancements

Feb 7, 2013

Our software engineer discusses the secure file sender and message receiver he built for W-Systems’s internal SugarCRM system.

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SugarCon 2013 NYC April 8: Why You Should Register for the Sweetest Event of the Year

Feb 12, 2013

Six reasons why we think you should register to this year's SugarCon, one of the hottest CRM event of the year.

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W-Systems Launches QuickBooks Integration for SugarCRM on Intuit App Center

Feb 13, 2013

W-Systems releases its Intuit QuickBooks integration for SugarCRM on Intuit App Center.

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Sugar User Group: Building Reports

Feb 18, 2013

W-Systems hosted a free training webinar on building reports in SugarCRM.

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Using Talend to Upload Data to SugarCRM (Part 1)

Feb 19, 2013

While there are limitations in the SugarCRM import tool, there are alternatives to import data into Sugar. Talend is one of these solutions, and it's free!

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Three Reasons SugarCRM beats Salesforce

Feb 23, 2013

A sizable number of SugarCRM customers used to be Salesforce customers. These are the three most common reasons why our clients choose SugarCRM over Salesforce.

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Using Talend to Upload Data to Sugar: Part 2 Creating Projects and Uploading Data into Sugar

Feb 27, 2013

This is the second in a series that step the reader through the process of using Talend ETL to load data into SugarCRM.

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Pardot User Group in Austin

Feb 28, 2013

Pardot has played a role in our growth over the past few years and it is exciting to see the acceleration of the user group.

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