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Archive for May 2012

Customizing Dashlets and Tabs in SugarCRM

May 4, 2012

In this short training session, W-Systems’s software engineer Tommy Wiebell discusses dashlets and dashlet tabs in SugarCRM.

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Internal SugarCRM Project: Time Tracking System

May 10, 2012

W-Systems' engineering intern explains how he built a time tracking system in Sugar.

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SugarCon 2012 Highlights

May 11, 2012

My top five highlights of SugarCon 2012 are W-Systems’s customers, our partnerships, the presentations, the Sugar App Throwdown, and the Sugar team.

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Telecom Campaign Manager

May 16, 2012

W-Systems has developed a Telecom Campaign Manager for SugarCRM which tracks campaigns via a unique phone number, records, and stores inbound calls.

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Internal SugarCRM Project: Secure Password Emailer

May 17, 2012

n this week’s mini-series update, Jim goes over the new browser-side password encryption program (or Secure Password Emailer for short).

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Sugar User Group: Importing & Exporting

May 23, 2012

W-Systems engineering manager Eric Wikman and W-Systems software engineer Aaron Wine hosted a webinar on importing and exporting in SugarCRM.

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Internal SugarCRM Project: Project Status Tracking System

May 24, 2012

Our engineering intern gives some insight to the internal projects he’s been working at W-Systems: a Project Status Tracking System.

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Survey Forms in SugarCRM

May 25, 2012

W-Systems built a custom survey module in SugarCRM for customers needing to track and measure training evaluations, event surveys, and customer feedback.

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Internal SugarCRM Project: Browser-Side Password Encryption System

May 31, 2012

Our engineering intern discusses the new Browser-Side Password Encryption System he developed for the Secure Password Emailer.

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