How to Archive Emails in SugarCRM

by Katie Liesmann on November 12, 2015

A common question we receive from our customers is “How can I archive an email in Sugar?” While Sugar contains out-of-the-box functionality to log phone calls, meetings, and tasks, archiving emails involves a few more steps. Below we outline the steps for archiving an email to Sugar.

Have Your Admin Activate Email Archiving

1. Navigate to Admin and then Email Archiving

 Email Archiving

2. Read and agree to SugarCRM’s privacy agreement by checking the “I agree” checkbox

3. Click “Enable Email Archiving”

Enable Email Archiving

4.The page will display your instance’s unique email archiving email address. In the example below, it is “”

Unique email archiving email address

Archive Your First Email

  1. Add the archiving email address as a contact in your email client. This way, you don’t have to look up the email every time you want to archive one.
  2. Write your desired email. Insert your archiving email address in the To, CC, or BCC field, along with other contacts you are sending the email to. It is recommended you insert the archiving email address in the BCC field so outsiders don’t discover your archiving email address.
  3. Once you hit send, the email will be automatically archived to stock module records with matching email addresses (i.e. Contacts and Leads) under the emails subpanel.

Matching email addresses Emails subpanel

That was pretty easy, right? For full documentation on this feature, go here.

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