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April 2015 Marketing Automation Bootcamp Recap

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on April 16, 2015

6 minute read

On April 14th, we had our Marketing Automation Bootcamp with Brandon Contreras from Act-On Marketing Automation Software. We covered an overview of marketing automation, who is using it and how it can help your organization.

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in this bootcamp. Below is the video recording from the meeting, presentation slide, and questions & answers. 

Bootcamp Video Recording

Still have more questions about marketing automation or Act-On Marketing Software? Feel free to reach out to our team here, and we’ll be happy to answer!

Bootcamp Presentation Slides

Questions & Answers

Does Act-On require software that needs to be installed?

Act-On is a completely web-based style platform. Your marketers as well as your sales professionals are provided login information to the platform where they are able to perform all tasks and activities.

Act-On offers a very tight integration with SugarCRM so there is always a live link between Act-On’s contact database and all the records that you keep within Sugar. Act-On also works with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and many other larger CRM systems.

Do we need to have dedicated employees to run this type of software?

Act-On has onboarded a wide variety of clients from those that have large marketing teams to companies that only have a marketing coordinator or intern that is spending some time within Act-On monitoring and making use of the platform.

When W-Systems started using Act-On 3 years ago we did not have a dedicated marketing person. The tool set within Act-On is accessible and easy to learn so that any business user will have no problem onboarding. When we did hire a dedicated marketing manager to, we saw that our marketing became more consistent. Now our results are much more predictable that we have someone focused on it.

Is it a monthly subscription based on the number of contacts in Sugar?

Act-On is very unique in that it does not charge based on overall database size. Pricing is based on the number of individuals that you would proactively market to in a 30-day time frame. If you are marketing towards your entire database in the span of 30-days then those will be considered active contacts. Most organizations do not market to their entire database in the span of 30-days which makes Act-On’s pricing schematic very attractive.

For instance you can have a database within Sugar of 100,000 contacts, but if you only send out a newsletter to certain segment of 10,000 contacts your subscription within Act-On is at the 10,000 mark.

What differentiates the Act-On marketing automation platform from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Act-On has a very unique pricing structure (see question #3). Secondly the service and support provided is a key differentiator. Each account comes with a dedicated customer service manager that becomes an extension of your marketing department. This person can be leveraged for implementation and then ongoing training, service support and tips and tricks, which makes a huge difference.