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An Engineered Point of View: Sugar Training

by Eric Wikman on July 26, 2012

4 minute read

In this blog series W-Systems engineers share experiences and stories related to projects, assignments and anything else they enjoyed working on. We love what we do and thought we’d share it with you. In this post, Aaron Wine discusses the importance of Sugar training and staying up to date on what's going on in the cyber-sphere.

Before our move to W-Systems’s new downtown office, I had to traverse across the river in my daily commute. If you are not familiar with Austin, our downtown sits right at the banks of the Colorado River. There are a few bridges that connect north and south Austin, with the main artery being I-35. Driving across the river with some good tunes on the radio makes you want to sing songs, hug things and walk barefoot through meadows. However, I-35 at rush hour more resembles an artery of a man who eats nothing but bacon cheeseburgers with grilled cheese sandwiches as bun slices, than it does as Sunday drive. 

cheese sandwich

A simple lane change causes the most expletive banter one has ever heard. I live within biking distance of the new office which is exactly 1 mile north of our old office, shaving a full 17 minutes off of my commute. So while I don’t get to sit in monoxide inspired traffic and admire the river on a daily basis, I can get home earlier and spend time in a zen-like yoga pose thinking up interesting blog post ideas.

One of the super cool things I get to do here at W-Systems, besides coding SugarCRM solutions, is host training sessions with people in all stages of their experience with Sugar. While we have set training packages, my favorite sessions are the ones that are customized to an individual customer – dealing with what they do with Sugar in their everyday business flow, and finding where I can help them make better use of the tools in Sugar.

Recently, I was in a pre-training meeting to go over what topics customers were wanting more knowledge on. I discovered that one particular customer, a Marketing VP, had been using Sugar for over two years, and was spending over an hour a week setting up a list of information because she was unaware of how to set up the advanced search screen of a module, as well as the wildcard functionality in Sugar’s module listview. A one-time setup of the “Enabled Range Search” feature of an integer field in Studio coupled with the use of the “%” and “_” characters in the search screen and this SugarCRM user was able to lop off an hour of busy work a week. 

Now here is where I tie up the first part of this blog post up nice and neat. The VP of Marketing was spending way too much time cursing the “weekly commute” of data with her Sugar instance. With the right tools, she was able to change her commute to something way more manageable. The moral of my little post in this cyber-world is, no matter what level of your experience you have with Sugar, you should do some refreshing on the ol’ noggin and expand what you can do with Sugar.

Thank you for reading my blog post. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to contact us for any questions you might have about any of topics of this post--from the best way to travel in Austin, to setting up your own training.