Amazon Alexa and Integrated CTI for SugarCRM

by Guillaume Synhaeve & Simona Croitoru on August 28, 2017

This article originally appeared on the Sugar Community Blog.

While popular opinion might suggest the future of client engagements rest in digital channels (email, SMS, chat) and asynchronous forms of communication, the fact remains that voice-enabled options still lead the way if the ultimate goal is to move a lead through the sales cycle or satisfy a complex service inquiry by quite a bit.

Not a believer?

  • 50% of Google searches will be voice-activated by 2020
  • Amazon TV’s newest remote control is Voice-activated (your car is close behind)
  • Despite the emergence of other channels, voice retains the highest response and resolution rate at 87% 

Introducing 3CLogic’s voice enabled Insides Sales solution leveraging SugarCRM but allowed via Amazon Alexa using 3CLogic’s CTI and Call Center platform. It’s a simpler way to provide customized customer engagements while extending the size of your sales or customer support teams. Now that’s a superpower!

Help put 3CLogic on the main stage at SugarCon 2017 by voting for them to win in the "Crowd Pleaser". To do this click "Like" on the SugarCRM Community page. Please note, you will need to be logged into the Sugar Community to vote.

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Guillaume Synhaeve
VP Marketing & Business Development at 3CLogic
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Simona Croitoru
Associate Marketing Manager at W-Systems
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