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Advanced Sugar Administrator Tools

by Roxana Dicu on July 23, 2019

3 minute read

In this blog post, we'll be covering one of our Sugar customizations that is widely used by our customer base to manage user and team settings: wUserUtils. Read on to find out all the benefits that come with using wUserUtils in Sugar.

What is wUserUtils?

Our customization for Sugar administrators allows you to easily copy user and team configurations, including dashboards, filters, locale settings and more, making new user setup quick and easy.

wUserUtils Features

Here are some of the many features of wUserUtils that will certainly make your life as a Sugar administrator:

Clone User Settings

wUserUtils can significantly reduce the time it takes to set up new Sugar users by allowing you to clone filters, dashlets, email settings, and much more from existing users. 

Copy Dashboards

You recently built out a new dashboard and need to share it with your team. wUserUtils allows you to select specific dashboards from any Sugar module and send it to any team or user, without overwriting their existing settings.

Share Filters

If your team uses the same list view filters, you won't need to ask employees to manually build them out—wUserUtils can easily copy a user's filters and share them with others. This can be really handy for specific use cases such as providing reps with a specific list of leads to follow up with on a recurring basis. 

Remove Filters or Dashboards

wUserUtils enables you to easily remove dashboards or filters from users and teams. This is useful if one of your employees has transferred to another team or your current dashboards have become deprecated.

Mass Update Locale Settings

wUserUtils enables you to mass update locale settings, such as date, time, currency, and more. It also allows you to copy these settings to users or teams based on your employee locations.

Impersonate Users

If you want to check the updates made through wUserUtils, the “Login As” functionality enables you to view how specific users see Sugar while logged in. This functionality is also useful for troubleshooting user-reported issues.

Maintenance Mode

wUserUtils allows you to prevent regular Sugar users from logging in. This functionality can be used while performing upgrades, troubleshooting issues, or running resource-heavy processes.

Broadcast Messages

With wUserUtils, you can set up and schedule global messages, informing your Sugar users of any planned admin activities, such as maintenance or upgrades. This message will get displayed on the login screen.

Concluding Thoughts:

If you find yourself wanting to clone filters, dashlets, email settings, and much more from existing users, then it might be a good time to look into wUserUtils. If you’d like help with implementation or training around wUserUtils, please reach out to W-Systems today.

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