Advanced Google Maps in SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on November 28, 2011

3 minute read

One of W-Systems' customers wanted to use Google Maps in their SugarCRM system to plot out all of the leads that are within a certain radius of an existing client. The company often traveled to visit their clients and wanted to visit certain leads that may be along the way. The company has several home bases and also needed to plot driving directions from each location.

Step 1: Leverage existing integration with Google Maps.

W-Systems leveraged the JJWDesign Google Maps plugin from SugarForge. You specify the centerpoint (destination) for an Account, Lead, Contact, or anything with an address field. You then can specify the radius for your search. With this integration, you can plot both accounts and leads on the same map. This enabled W-Systems to later build on the driving directions functionality.

Step 2: Import widget to show addresses from multiple modules on the same map.

The JJWDesign Google Maps plugin displays multiple plot points for different modules. W-Systems' customer specifically needed to plot Accounts and Leads at the same time and this plugin achieved that request.

 SugarCRM Maps screenshot

Step 3: Optimize the plugin to display directions and additional data.

W-Systems made some code level modifications to expand the functionality of the plugin. The JJWDesign plugin generates longitude and latitude codes behind the scenes that allow you to create custom markers to plot additional locations on the map.

JJWDesign plugin

W-Systems used these markers as the starting point when building out the functionality to plot directions. We added a drop down field to show multiple custom markers. This allows you to choose which marker to plot and get directions for.

 Map screenshot

W-Systems also customized the data shown in the bubble when clicking on a point in the map. Google Maps typically shows the phone number and name of the business when hovering over a point, but W-Systems added in the sales volume of that company and the SIC code/Industry type. This data is pulled from fields in the record associated with that address in SugarCRM.

 Map screenshot

Our customer can now map out the leads that are located closest to clients and get directions from any one of the company’s home bases. Additionally, they can better target and visit the bigger opportunities first based on the sales volume shown when hovering over a point in the map. For more information about W-Systems' Google Maps customization, contact us today.

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