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Advanced Calendar Solution for Sugar

by Roxana Rangu on October 22, 2020

3 minute read

Would you like to see your meetings, calls, tasks, and virtually any time-based Sugar records displayed on a calendar?

In this webinar,  we showcased wCalendar, W-Systems’ customizable solution for Sugar.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording of the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers.

If you have questions about wCalendar, please feel free to contact us.

What is wCalendar?

wCalendar enables Sugar users to display records from standard or custom modules in customizable calendars.

  • Easily create and edit events
  • Multiple calendar displays
  • Access your calendars in List and Record Views, dashlets, and the Calendar Center
  • Publish your Calendar as iCal or ICS

Advanced Calendar Solution for Sugar

Advanced Calendar Solution for Sugar Q&A

Does wCalendar work on mobile devices?

Not yet, but we intend to provide the same calendar functionality on mobile as well.

What is the pricing for wCalendar?

wCalendar costs $120 per user per year, with a minimum of 10 users plus installation.

Is wCalendar compatible with the standard Sugar calendar?

wCalendar is compatible with the traditional calendar renders, such as Meetings, Calls, and Tasks, where we use the same data source as the standard Sugar calendar. For modules that normally do not support the Sugar calendar such as Cases or Opportunities, we would still add it to the module, but it wouldn’t be rendered on the Sugar calendar.

About wCalendar

wCalendar is a customizable calendar solution for Sugar to display data from any standard or custom Sugar module on a calendar.

In addition to viewing calendars directly in Sugar, you can embed calendars into records, dashboards, and intelligence panes, allowing you to present record-specific, dynamic calendars for better decision making.

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