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Adding One Click DYMO Label Printing to SugarCRM 6

by Craig Cavanaugh on November 8, 2013

5 minute read

At some point, everybody needs to print labels from their CRM software.It’s more than a few steps in most software systems. If you’re simply trying to print only one label for one contact, you often still have to go through the same steps and waste most of a sheet of labels in the process.

An easy and professional way to get a label out quickly is to use a label printer.

DYMO and Seiko are Label Printer Manufacturers who specialize in quick professional single label printing products.

We decided to make it easy in Sugar to use such label printer and streamlined the label printing process to a single button action in Sugar.

On the Sugar contact record, we added a new single 'Print Label' button. We chose an inexpensive DYMO label printer and installed their desktop printer driver software.

When you press the 'Print Label' button our code sends the current contact information to your DYMO label printer directly.

Here is a short video showing how it works in real time.


How did we do this?

One of my colleagues, Ionut Tonita, and I designed a PHP script that allows the Sugar and DYMO label printer API’s to work together. 

When the Sugar ‘Print Label’ button is pressed, our code sends the Contact’s Address to the Users’ local DYMO Label Printer and executes the print command. 

Here is what you’ll need to get this to work on your Sugar system and start printing labels with ease.

  1. Make sure you have Sugar.
  2. Get a DYMO label printer. We used this DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo
  3. Get our code and install our DYMO Label Printer module for SugarCRM.

Our Sugar custom module can be installed in Sugar's administration panel and module loader. Extract the zip file inside the compressed file you download from us, perform a Sugar quick repair command and you should see the new button in your Sugar contact record detail view.

The code in the module is also a good example of how to insert a button into a Sugar module detail view. The code could easily be modified to perform a number of other tasks than printing a label.

For questions or to customize this solution for your own needs, please contact W-Systems.

If you are using Sugar 7 we have updated the module which you can read about and download in our blog post, Adding One Click DYMO Label Printing to Sugar (Updated for Sugar 7).

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