Adding Multiple Quote Templates to SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on April 17, 2012

From Sugar, users can create and export quotes to a PDF. A common customization that W-Systems does is customizing PDF outputs. This customization gives clients free-range on how fields from Sugar will look on the PDF. This look, however, can sometimes vary based on the product or service being quoted. For some of our clients, the CRM fields, data, and design of a quote need to be completely different PDF outputs based on the product. W-Systems solved this by building multiple PDF outputs into Sugar’s Quote module.

Sugar’s Quote module  

W-Systems added a custom field with a drop down list for users to choose the desired quote type. Based on the quote type chosen, a different set of fields appear, and the PDF output changes.


 Test Quote

As a result, a quote for training will look different than a quote for membership dues, and the fields pulled into the PDF will vary along with the design and layout. The end result is a simple user interface for creating various PDF outputs. For more information on adding multiple quote templates to Sugar, contact us today.

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