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Adding Legal Language to Quotes and Contracts

by Amanda Anderson on January 13, 2012

3 minute read

W-Systems recently went through the process of updating our legal language for professional services and hosting. I wasn’t directly involved, but I know that it was a large project. Each contract and quote for products and services has to include some kind of legal language. This is the case for most companies and when an exception occurs for certain products, it can get a little messy.

The Business Issue:

One of our clients needed to modify the Quotes module in SugarCRM to include product-specific legal language. They also needed the ability to adjust this on a quote-by-quote basis. The goal was to make adding new legal language as simple as adding a product from the product catalog. The company did not want its sales reps manually updating the legal language themselves.

The Solution:

Step One: W-Systems created a separate module called “Legal Language”.The company’s attorneys can update and add legal language through this module. Quotes or contracts created before the legal is modified won’t be changed. Only new quotes and contracts will have the new legal language associated with them.

Legal Language

Step Two: After creating a catalog of legal language, W-Systems built a section for users to add this language directly to quotes. A sales rep can sort through the language catalog and select the pre written legal language such as Master Services Agreements, Payment Terms, etc. This legal language is applied to the entire quote and bundled inside the quote PDF as additional pages. Step Three: In some cases, our customer needed to add exceptions to the legal language on certain products. W-Systems created sections where legal language could be added underneath a product line item


. Select Legal Language

The to add a line of legal language, the user simply adds a comment row under the product. Instead of the sales rep writing their own comment, there is now an arrow to select from a list of items in the legal language module.

. Legal Language Module

Once added in, the legal language will display on the quote under the related product. Additionally, when legal language placed under a product, it relates to that product. So when creating another quote that includes that same product, the CRM will remember to tag the legal language to it.

The End Result:

Our client now has a better process for updating the legal language for contracts and quotes. The attorneys only have to update one document in one single location. Also, the sales reps never have to manually alter this language for certain exceptions to products. The attorneys can write the exception and add it to the language catalog. For more information about adding legal language to documents created inside SugarCRM, contact us today.

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