Adding a SugarCRM Calendar to Your Google Calendar

by Christian Wettre on March 23, 2013

3 minute read

About 10% of our SugarCRM customers use Google Calendars in their organizations.  SugarCRM has integration to Google Calendars but we find that users need some guidance on how to get the two systems connected.

The integration is designed so that SugarCRM allows a user to publish an internet feed of their calendar using the iCal standard.  Google calendar can be configured to integrate such an iCal feed into a user's Google calendars.   The integration is one way only - Google Calendar will be updated with any changes from the SugarCRM calendar but changes to scheduled activities in the Google Calendar are not pushed back to SugarCRM.  

Let's set it up, step by step:

First open up your user profile in SugarCRM

Navigate to the Advanced tab and scroll to the bottom

Check that you have a Publish Key.  This should be a random mixed character sequence.
Copy the entire entry labeled: iCal Integration URL

Now open your Google Calendar.  In your calendar left sidebar, pull down the menu next to 'Other Calendars', select 'Add by URL'

Paste the URL you copied from your SugarCRM Profile ICAL URL setting

After you complete this task you will see Google calendar import your initial feed from your SugarCRM calendar and activities scheduled in Sugar will start appearing in the Google calendar.   Google will go forward refresh this calendar from Sugar periodically.

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