Adding a New Browser Tab from wMobile Desktop

by Lynn Catterson on January 29, 2016

We previously discussed how to add a new menu option in wMobile Phone that would open in a new browser tab. Sometimes you might want to have an easy shortcut to a company intranet page or a shipping company web page such as UPS or FedEx. In this example, I’ll be adding a Google option in wMobile Desktop.

This is how the menu option will appear:

This does require some manual editing in the wMobile Desktop configuration files. Browse to the file location where wMobile is installed on your server. In a default install, the wMobileDesktop.addin file will be in the folder listed below.

C:\Program Files\W-Systems\wMobileDesktop\addins

The wMobileDesktop.Addin file can be edited with Notepad, Visual Studio, or another text editor. Search for the Main menu section. You can search specifically using the text below.

We will need to add a new MenuItem ID section.  Using Google as my example, the new item would look like the following:

You can use the text below as a sample, and update the URL with the website that you’d like to use. The web address must be a full website address, starting with http:// or https://.

<MenuItem id    = "Google"

label    = "Google"
icon     = ""
shortcut = ""
type     = "HyperLink"

url      = ""
target   ="new"/>

I placed the new menu item first, so it will appear as the first menu button.

Save the file when you are done with your edits.

The wMobile Desktop component must be restarted for this change to take effect. The easiest way to do this is in the wMobile Manager Console. Select Desktop in the File Explorer pane on the left, then select Restart in the Actions pane on the right as pictured below.

Confirm to restart Desktop when prompted by clicking OK. The window will disappear when the restart is completed.

When the Desktop user clicks on the new menu option, the new web page will open in a new browser tab. This preserves the user’s current login to wMobile, so he or she won’t have to log back in when they are done on the other web page.

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