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Adding a Menu Option in wMobile Phone for Another Website

by Lynn Catterson on January 6, 2016

4 minute read

We had a customer request to add a menu option to open a new browser window. In their case, they wanted to add a link to their company intranet, while maintaining their login to wMobile. 

However, this is helpful for other customers that might want to open a new window for Google, FedEx, UPS etc.  So this functionality has been added to both wMobile Phone and Desktop editions. This article will cover how to do this in wMobile Phone.

wMobile Phone

Items can be added to the wMobile Phone main menu in the wMobile Manager Console. Navigate to wMobile | Phone | UI | Menus | Home Menu in the wMobile Explorer pane.

Select new item from the bottom of the list in center pane.

Edit the Properties in the box below the wMobile Explorer.

In this case, we’ll select ‘external link.’

In Text, enter the name as you want it to appear on the home menu. In this example, I’ll use Google.

Then you can browse for an icon. You can use one of the icons provided with wMobile, or you can use your own.  If you use your own, the icon should be placed in the wMobilePhone\Res\Img folder. Images should be 24 x 24 pixels.

Click on the Browse button (3 dots or periods) to browse and select an image.

Set Visible to True for the item to be visible on the Home menu.

The remainder of the settings should be left alone. The values were set when the Type was set to ‘external link.’.

When all changes have been made, select Save in the Actions pane.

You can reorder the items on the menu list by using the Move Up Menu Item and Move Down Menu Item options on the Actions pane.

Select Save again to preserve the new order.

When the user refreshes the page in wMobile, the menu will be updated.

When the Google button is selected in wMobile Phone, it will open in a separate window.