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Act-On in Sugar: Sending Act-On Emails from Sugar (Part II)

by Paul Scondac on October 4, 2016

3 minute read

This blog post is a follow-up to Act-On in Sugar: How to Set Up an Act-On Dashboard in Sugar. In this post, we’ll take a look at how to set up email templates for sales users, and how to send Act-On emails from within Sugar.

Setting up Email Templates for Sales Users

As an Act-On user, you’ll first need to share email templates with your sales team. To do so, log into your Act-On instance, go to Content → Email Templates, and click the “+” button to create a new folder in which you’ll place existing templates, or create new ones (see image below).

After you’ve created the folder, you can enable its contents for sales users by clicking the “cloud” button, and then clicking the slider next to the folder in which you’ve placed email templates (as seen in the image below).

You (or your sales team) can now log into Sugar and use Act-On’s “Send Email” feature. Assuming you’ve set up an Act-On Dashboard as described in our previous blog post, select a record which you want to send email to, and from select Send Email from the Act-On Activity History dashlet (as pictured below).

You will then be redirected to Act-On’s email composer, where you can choose from a total of three options: Blank Message, Template Message or Sent Message.

A Blank Message will let you create a new email message from scratch, using Act-On’s email composer.

With Template Message, you get to choose an already existing email template, which you could edit using Act-On’s email composer before sending. If you’re a sales user, you’ll only have access to the templates shared through Act-On.

A Sent Message allows you to use already sent email messages. You have the option to edit them before sending.

                                                                          Act-On's Email Composer

Act-On Anywhere for Outlook

Your sales team might also be interested in Act-On Anywhere for Outlook, a connector which allows you to send Act-On emails from Outlook, which gives users the same tracking benefits that you’d have sending the message directly through Act-On.

For more information about Act-On Anywhere, read this article on Act-On University.

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