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Act-On in Sugar: How to Set Up an Act-On Dashboard in Sugar (Part I)

by Paul Scondac on September 20, 2016

2 minute read

Switching between Sugar and Act-On to view a contact’s history (emails received/opened/clicked, webinars attended, etc.) may become a hassle.

Setting up an Act-On dashboard within Sugar may reduce the frequency of switching these two platforms all the time.

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up the SugarCRM Connector in Act-On, and creating an Act-On dashboard in Sugar.

Setting up the SugarCRM Connector within Act-On

Your first step is to log-in to your Act-On instance, go to Settings, and select Connectors.

Inside Connectors, choose CRM → SugarCRM, and enter your Sugar credentials (see example below).

Creating an Act-On Dashboard within Sugar

Before proceeding, ask your Sugar Administrator if the Act-On integration has been installed. For more information on setting up the integration, check the Act-On University – Sugar CRM Integration articles.

Log in to your Sugar instance, select the tab in which you want to create the Dashboard (i. e. Leads), select one of the entries in the list and click the Create button (pictured below).

In this next step, click Add a Row, and then Add a Dashlet (see image below).

Select the Act-On Activity History dashlet, check which tabs you want displayed in the dashboard, and click Save. Then, do the same for the Act-on Marketing Timeline dashlet.

Your Act-On Dashboard is now set up!

In Part two, we’ll show you how you can send Act-On emails directly within Sugar.

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