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Accessing Sugar on Mobile Devices

by Lynn Catterson on June 29, 2016

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In our post, Installing Sugar on Mobile Devices, we provided information on downloading and installing SugarCRM Mobile. In this post, we’ll explore how to search for info and navigate in SugarCRM Mobile.

On logging in after the first time, the default is to show recently viewed pages (accounts, contacts, meetings, cases, etc.). Any item in blue is a hyperlink. You can click on one of these to see the detail view.

You can click on Global Search to search for a specific item. The modules included in Global Search are configurable by the system administrator, but usually include at least accounts, contacts, and leads. Click on the magnifying glass icon as highlighted below to initiate a search.

As you enter your search criteria, the list will be filtered for matching items. Click on the blue hyperlink to access the record you’re looking for.

From the contact page, you can easily use these icons to call, email, or text a contact from your mobile device. You can also locate them on a map, view planned activities, history activities, related subpanels, or the Activity Stream. Use the right arrow next to the name to view more details on the contact or update information.

Some Sugar modules have configurable layouts for access in the Mobile app such as Contacts. If you don't see a field that you’d like to access, contact your Sugar administrator. It’s likely the field can be added to the view in Sugar Studio.

Use the three-bar icon to access the main menu in SugarCRM Mobile.

From the main menu, you can access Dashboards, Global Search, Activity stream, specific modules, Settings, and the Log Out option. (Sugar versions 7.1.5 and above also support Offline access.) From the main menu, you can access useful Sugar information such as dashboard reports, a list of open Opportunities, your calls or meetings for the day, etc.

The following Sugar modules are supported in SugarCRM Mobile, if they are available in your Sugar instance:

  • Accounts
  • Calls
  • Cases
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Employees
  • Leads
  • Meetings
  • Notes
  • Opportunities
  • Quoted Line Items
  • Quotes
  • Reports
  • Revenue Line Items
  • Tasks
  • Any Custom Module

This module list is current as of the Release notes for SugarCRM Mobile 3.0.4.

Use the + sign to access Quick Create options in SugarCRM Mobile.

The choices for QuickCreate are determined by the Sugar administrator. Some of the options you see in the screenshot below might not be present in your Sugar implementation. Sometimes the Quick Create options are restricted to encourage creation from the Contact, Account, or Lead module so it will be linked properly. For example, if you create a meeting or case on a Contact record, it will be automatically linked to the correct contact.

It is common to create leads or contacts using the Quick Create option. You can enter a new lead before you’re even back in the office. Once created, you can begin lead qualification, and the lead would be included in any existing workflows or processes.

We hope you’ll find these mobile options helpful to get current information while you’re out on the road, and in updating information that will be immediately available to your colleagues. Stay up to date on your scheduled activities and open sales opportunities wherever you are.

Further information on SugarCRM Mobile can be accessed from the User Guides:

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