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Accelerate Your Sales Cycle with DocuSign

by Mihaela Bulacu on May 19, 2020

7 minute read

You have an opportunity ready to sign with your company. This is great news, but the entire agreement signature mechanism might raise some troubling aspects. How are you going to meet the parties? How long will it take for them to receive the copies, review, and sign them? And how much time the entire process will take until completion? As a salesperson, you want to have a direct way to your signed document. 

Luckily for you, DocuSign meets all these demands. The Electronic Signature tool can be accessed from various devices, including desktop, iOS, and Android, meeting your need to be able to quickly generate and send for signature business agreements on the go. Below is a quick walkthrough throughout the entire process.

1. Generate and Send Business Documents for Signature On the Go

Once you open the web or mobile application, you can quickly send business agreements for signature from the DocuSign main interface, by pressing the NEW button.

Create a new document in DocuSign by pressing the NEW button.

You can choose to send a new Envelope, an action that offers you more choices in regards to document selection.

Add documents to the DocuSign envelope by uploading your file.

You can select a template, if you already have one available in your DocuSign account, you can upload a document from your local device, or you can source one from a cloud platform of your choice.

In this scenario, we’ll upload a document from our local device, because our sales person has already prepared the agreement and is only waiting for the greenlight from their client.

DocuSign allows you to select a local file or use a pre-existing template.

2. Add Recipients to Review and Sign Business Agreements

Once the document is uploaded to DocuSign, you can start adding recipients to the envelope by filling in the Name and Email fields. 

Set up what action each recipient needs to take after receiving the envelope.

Set the signing order, and choose what action the recipient needs to take. In the example above, all recipients must sign the document. However, DocuSign allows you to set other actions for each recipient:

You can set up different actions for each envelope recipient.

The last panel of the Send Envelope page allows you to set up an email subject and message to be sent with the signature request.

Personalize your email with a message.

As you can see above, you can also set up custom emails for each recipient in different languages. This feature will help you if your company has contacts in different countries or regions. 

3. Set Up Signature Tags for Each Recipient

Because each business agreement requires different signature placement, help out your recipients by setting up the signature fields for each of them:

Set signature tags for each recipient.

However, you can set up different tags form the Fields panel, such as Date Signed, Initial signature, Name, Email, Title of the signer recipient, and more, depending on how complex you want your business agreement to be.

Once you send the document, each recipient will be notified via email.

Each recipient will receive a notification via email.

All you have to do now is wait for the reviewed and signed version of your business agreement.

4. Detailed Insights into the Signature Status of Each Document

However, this doesn’t mean you are no longer in control of the document review and signature process. The Envelopes and Quick Views panels offer you a better view of the status of each business agreement.

The Envelopes and Quick Views panels in DocuSign allow you to keep track of the sent evenlopes.

The Waiting for Others drawer contains all contacts that still have to sign a related document, as you can see in the example below.

The Waiting for Others drawer allows you to keep track of the recipients that have signed each envelope.

Once all recipients review and sign the contract, proposal, quote, or other type of document, it will be moved to the Completed drawer.

The Completed drawer in DocuSign.

The entire document review and signature process is straightforward, and it perfectly fits the needs of a sales person.

If you are using a customer relationship management (CRM) system, this blog post will explain how to use DocuSign without leaving your favorite CRM tool!

Wrapping it Up

Apart from accelerating the sales process and increasing your sales representatives’ flexibility in completing their tasks, eSignature tools elevate customer relationships by offering increased security, convenience for the client, and corporate social responsibility by eliminating excess  paper waste. An added benefit of such tools would be the fact that they can facilitate business and sales in social and economic contexts when meeting the involved parties in-person to review and sign business documents is risky or impossible. 

Get in touch with us for more insights into how eSignature tools can change your company’s sales process to the core!

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