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A Better Way to Track and Report on Marketing Interactions in Sugar

by Paul Scondac on February 25, 2020

6 minute read

Picture this scenario: you have a lead who, for the past month or so, has been interested in Sugar Sell CRM and Marketing Automation, such as Sugar Market. They’ve looked at your website, watched a demo or two, downloaded a white paper, and registered for a webinar. An ideal scenario, I know, but it does happen!

Let’s analyze this scenario from the perspective of two team members:

  • As a marketer: I want be able to report on this information within Sugar, and demonstrate that our marketing efforts are having an impact.
  • As a salesperson, I want to view this lead’s history of marketing interactions. I do have a  sales user account in our Marketing Automation platform, but I want to view this information from the comfort of my CRM.

Both the marketer’s and the salesperson’s requirements seem reasonable, but, they’ve forgotten one important aspect that may put a damper on their wishful thinking: every marketing interaction overwrites the data of a lead or contact, and thus makes it difficult to see a history of interactions without logging into the Marketing Automation platform.

Is there even a way to track this data directly in Sugar? I’m glad you asked, because yes, there is! Read on to find out about our custom Sugar module for tracking marketing interactions: Marketing Responses.

How Marketing Responses Work

To address the issue of lead or contact data being overwritten by new marketing interactions, we created a new module in Sugar. Every time someone interacts with our marketing content, a new record gets created that copies over the marketing-related data from the lead/contact as a record.

Marketing Responses screenshot in SugarCRM A list view of Marketing Responses. Each record represents a marketing interaction.
A Marketing Responses record in SugarCRM includes information relevant to a marketing interaction coming from a lead or a contact. A detailed look at a Marketing Responses record pertaining to a video demo of wDrive.

A module that copies data from leads and contacts is nifty, but it isn’t that special, one might say. Let’s take a look at the features that really make our Marketing Responses enhancement stand out.

Advanced Module Relationships

In addition to creating new records for each marketing interaction, our customization also performs the following actions to ensure your sales and marketing have as much insight into the lead or contact and its related records:

  • Relates the Marketing Response record to its originating lead and/or contact.
  • If the originating interaction is from a contact, the customization also relates the interaction record to the contact’s account.
  • If the account has any opportunities, Marketing Responses relates the interaction with the opportunity that has its Expected Close Date closest to the response record.
  • The Marketing Responses record is assigned to the user in charge of the lead or contact.
The Marketing Responses enhancement for SugarCRM lets your sales team know where a marketing interaction is coming from, whether it is a first interaction or one in a series for a lead or contact, and more.

Additionally, every module related to Marketing Responses includes a subpanel for a quick look at the latest marketing interactions. We are especially fond of this subpanel in Accounts, as it displays the interactions of every related contact.

The Marketing Responses enhancement for SugarCRM includes subpanels in Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities and lists every related marketing responses records.

Improved Insights for Sales & Marketing

Since we wanted our Sales team to get as much information as possible, we added a few fields to help them gain even more insight about the originating lead or contact:

  • Response Type: Lets Sugar users know whether this is a the first interaction of the lead or contact with our marketing content, or whether they have interacted with marketing materials prior.
  • Module Source: Can be Leads or Contacts. Some instances have both a lead and a contact with the same email. In that case, Marketing Responses will default to Contacts.
  • Resolution: This is a button that we created using our Custom Buttons enhancement for Sugar. When pressed, it switches a Marketing Response’s status to Acknowledged, letting our marketing team know that Sales has recognized the marketing interaction and initiated followup.

But what good does all of this information do if you don’t report on it? Well, you can, and you should! Since every interaction is an individual record, you can create any number of reports to take a deep dive into your marketing performance. And, if you also use wBenchmark, our Time Series KPI tool for Sugar (take a gander at it if you don’t — I heard it’s good!), you can compare your metrics over time.

With the Marketing Responses enhancement for SugarCRM, you can report on your marketing interactions and outcomes directly from within Sugar.

Customization Options

It wouldn’t be a W-Systems enhancement without them! Marketing Responses includes Admin options to map the fields of Leads and Contacts to the Responses module. Naturally, you can add and map as many fields as your Marketing Automation platform pushes to Sugar.

Marketing Responses for SugarCRM can be customized to map the leads and contacts fields updated by your marketing automation software.

Closing Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed learning about our Marketing Responses customization. It’s become very near and dear to our sales and marketing teams! 

If you are interested in improving your marketing interaction tracking features in Sugar, reach out to us today! Since our customization is fairly platform-agnostic, we can easily customize it for your Marketing Automation of choice.