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Intern Investigates: How Does a Document Automation Company Manage Sales & Marketing Productivity?

by Vanlexus Franks on August 15, 2019

4 minute read

DocuSign hosted a webinar titled “How Sales-Marketing Experts are Skyrocketing their Productivity” where the Head of Sales and the Director of Marketing Analytics revealed their top tips for improving productivity. In this blog, I will summarize what I learned from the experts and uncover Docusign’s secret to sales and marketing success.

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Organize Your Time

The first step to improving your productivity and efficiency is organization, more importantly, organizing your time. This can include making sure you allow the appropriate amount of time for tasks/meetings or even scheduling a time to think and process the information you’ve received. Furthermore, identifying the times you are most productive and how you like to structure your time will help you to optimize your workday and increase efficiency. 

For sales specifically, DocuSign has learned that shortening the discovery call time to fifteen minutes has proven to be more successful than a longer call. By questioning at a high level and slowly assessing details they were able to prevent interrogating prospects and ensure that sales reps are more strategic in their questioning.

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Utilize efficiency Tools

Another strategy is to incorporate efficiency tools like Asana, Teamwork, and Trello to help you establish what you want to get done and how you plan to prioritize your tasks. Additionally, IM tools like Jabber and Slack are great ways to encourage collaboration, especially if you have a remote team or need information quickly. Docusign itself is a useful tool for improving productivity as it eliminates paper and allowing you to quickly sign, scan and authorize documents. That said, while all these tools can be great assets, they can become a distraction leading you to prioritize others' needs over your own. Knowing when to mute these applications and focus on being proactive rather than reactive is equally beneficial.

Eliminate Bad Sales & Marketing Habits

Eliminating time-wasting habits and tension between sales and marketing is an essential step in boosting productivity. Here are a few strategies you can use:

  1. Avoid departmental competition and focusing on vanity metrics like the number of click throughs and activities.
  2. Instead, focus on the clients and getting the best results for your business.
  3. Try to align sales and marketing goals and metrics to encourage collaboration between the two.
  4. Stay open to innovation and new ideas and let the results speak for themselves.

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Standardize The Process

One way DocuSign has been able to consistently maintain productivity is by building efficiency values into the business process. All new hires and trainees are given a roadmap for their role, everything down to daily task are directed by theses processes. Of course, there is always room for personalization, but overall there is a consistent guideline of best practices that help employees avoid wasting time and energy. In addition, its a good idea to request feedback so you can strategically make improvements to the business process.

Automate with Caution

For large scale businesses, automation is almost indispensable. At DocuSign, they rely on automation for everything from lead routing to building sales cadences. In order to make sure their automation is impactful, DocuSign encourages that you constantly evaluate whether your automation is paying off. There are even some areas where you may want to avoid automating altogether. For example, using tools like auto-dialers may risk your relationship with high-value prospects. To avoid automation faux pas it's best that you stay receptive to feedback and evaluate whether you are seeing real ROI from automating certain processes.


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Concluding Thoughts

With these simple, yet impactful tips, you are on your way to becoming a productivity professional. To learn more about DocuSign and how integrating it into your CRM can boost your productivity visit our website

This was written by Vanlexus Franks, a marketing intern at W-Systems in Austin, Texas. She is currently a Junior at the University of Texas at Dallas pursuing a B.S in Marketing with a concentration in Professional Sales. 

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