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5 Sales Hacks for Sugar Users

by Rachel Brink on October 25, 2016

4 minute read

Sales have always been equated to a numbers game. In fact, the average sales rep makes eight dials per hour for over six hours to set a single appointment, a reality that can quickly demotivate even the most qualified and hardest working sales teams. But with the help of Sugar and a few other tools and tricks, sales teams can quickly put the odds back in their favor to increase both contact rates and conversions, all while making their lives significantly easier.

Check-Out 3CLogic's top Five Sales Hacks for Sugar:

1. Contact Prospects from their Local Area Code

The first step towards any successful sale is getting in touch with the prospect. But when considering the fact that 80% of consumers are extremely unlikely to answer a call from a toll-free or unknown number, this can often be one of the most challenging. Using local presence dialing technology, reps can automatically reach out to prospects from their local area code (as accessed directly from Sugar), a tactic that has proven to increase contact rates by over 400%. A simple yet extremely effective means of getting reps in front of more potential customers.

2. Reach out to Inbound Leads FAST

No matter where leads are coming from, whether it be through a landing page, web form, online chat, or email, following up in a timely manner is extremely imperative. In fact, for web-generated leads, following up within five minutes increases the likelihood that they will convert by nine times. By using a multichannel communications platform, seamlessly route leads from any source to the rep best suited to meet their needs within a matter of seconds, drastically enhancing lead-to-call and the likelihood of a successful close.

3. Don’t Hesitate to Use an Auto Dialer

More than half of a sales rep’s time is unknowingly wasted on unproductive prospecting—looking up the prospect, manually dialing their number, waiting eight rings with no answer, and repeat—sound familiar? And for certain large outbound campaigns with hundreds or even thousands of prospects to call, this is simply not an efficient use of reps’ time. Using statistical algorithms, predictive dialers will automatically contact prospects while reps are busy finalizing a call, putting them in touch only with those individuals who answer to minimize the time spent between interactions and improve agent productivity.

4. Have the Prospect’s Information Ready 

More than half of consumers believe that sales reps are poorly prepared or not prepared at all for their initial meeting. And the problem is not necessarily that they do not have information about these potential customers, but rather that they cannot access it quickly enough when juggling outbound prospecting and data management. But by integrating Sugar with an advanced communications platform, automatically populate reps’ screens with each prospect's information upon every call and sync call recordings and details within their record, ensuring every pitch starts off on the right foot.

5. Don’t Forget to Follow-up (Or Automate Follow-up) 

Eighty percent of sales require at least five follow-ups before a successful close—yet almost half of sales reps give up after just one. While a larger portion of this rests on the shoulders of the representative, proper integration between Sugar, call center software, and marketing automation can help automate lead nurturing, triggering actions in workflows and scheduling follow-up calls on agent calendars. Just a simple way to keep reps on track, and prevent leads from slipping through the cracks.

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