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5 Quick Tips that will Help you Close a Deal Faster!

by Lydia Teffera on May 7, 2013

3 minute read

Every salesperson has been there; that paramount period between converting a lead and closing the deal. For some companies, the sales cycle can be weeks, for others it's months to even years. While the final decision is in the hands of the buyer, there are things your sales team can do to motivate your client and help speed up the decision process. Through outbound research and tips from W-Systems' sales team, we generated a list of best practices to help speed up your sales process.

1. Consistently Follow Up with Phone Calls

Be persistent. This doesn’t make you seem desperate, but instead confident in what you have to offer your customer. Be excited and show them how much you believe in your product or service. Your enthusiasm and confidence will rub off on them and help motivate their decision.

2. Offer Discounts, Deals, and Upgrades to Create a Sense of Urgency

Sometimes your customer is interested in buying, but the timing is not as important to them as it may be to you. Because of this, you want to create a sense of urgency in order to speed up the process. This may include offering specific discounts or bonuses for signing the deal sooner.

3. Present an Opportunity Cost Scenario

If the lead is hesitant to buy, explain the opportunity cost at hand. Give them specific scenarios for what not buying now could do to their business. By giving valid examples, you can show them how necessary your product or service really is and what they could lose without it.

4. Utilize your Resources and Credible Sources

If your CEO has more experience and knowledge on a product or service, don’t hesitate to bring them into the equation to help boost your credibility. This will give you a stronger platform and help sway the customer’s faith in your product or service.

5. Do your Research

Learn about the company you are trying to do business with. By knowing their strengths and weaknesses, you can help promote your product in a way that will fill the gaps and solve their business problems. This method of solution selling, with extensive knowledge on the company, will make you appear credible in the client’s eyes and can lower the barrier in order to close the deal faster. It is important to always recognize your window of opportunity with each client, and proceed when the timing is right.

Speeding up your sales cycle may not always be possible, but these are just a few tips to help motivate your leads and customers. For more information on this blog post, contact us here