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5 SugarCRM Support Resources

by Katie Liesmann on June 23, 2017

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At some point in time, every Sugar user requires outside support to solve a Sugar issue. It may end up being user error, the discovery of a rare bug, or a customization that isn’t working correctly anymore. Either way, it’s important to know what your support options are when the time arises. Keep reading as we outline five options that are available to you as a Sugar user.

SugarCRM Community

The SugarCRM community is a great resource for troubleshooting, guidance, and advice. There are forums designated for admins, end-users, and developers to ask questions or start a discussion. This could range from getting ideas for how to handle certain processes in Sugar or to see if other users have run into an issue that you’ve run into. You can get to the SugarCRM Community by clicking this link.

SugarCRM Support Resources

SugarCRM’s support page contains both a knowledge base and documentation for Sugar. The documentation provides definitions and walkthrough guides of your specific edition and version of Sugar. The knowledge base contains best practices and how-to-guides for getting specific things done in Sugar. Both of these resources may be of use to you--simply search the topic you are looking for and see what you can find. You can access the knowledge base here and the documentation articles here.

SugarCRM Support Team

SugarCRM Support is provided for free to all people using a licensed and supported version of SugarCRM. You can reach support by calling SugarCRM’s main telephone line (877-842-7276) or logging into the SugarCRM support portal. While Sugar Support can be really helpful, SugarCRM’s standard application support does not include code-level customizations and there is no guaranteed response time.

Support Training

If you'd like to have an internal support resource, you can choose a person in your organization to be your SugarCRM admin and train them to field support requests. If they are well-trained, they should be able to help with common issues that come up for users. W-Systems offers custom training courses where we can train someone in your organization to be able to troubleshoot basic errors and field minor support requests.

W-Systems' Support Subscriptions

W-Systems has worked really hard to create a support package that meets the needs of our customers. Our Support Subscriptions do more than resolve any run-of-the-mill issues you’ll run into with your Sugar instance. Each Support Subscription includes a monthly allotment of hours to ask questions or fix broken code. We’re happy to help you figure out what Sugar support option makes sense for your organization.

To learn more about these options, including W-Systems' Support Subscriptions, reach out to us here

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