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5 Business Intelligence Dashlets for SugarCRM

by Vanlexus Franks on August 1, 2019

4 minute read

CRM is a great tool for navigating large sums of information and many contain business analytics tools such as dashboards and reporting engines. However, sometimes more than the out-of-the-box tools are needed to make light of the most valuable information. Our custom Sugar reporting dashlets are a great example of tools we create to deliver powerful new visualizations of your Sugar information. In this blog, I break down all five of our business intelligence dashlets for SugarCRM and how they can improve your business.


Clustered Bar Chart Dashlet

In standard Sugar dashlets, you can only chart one single data point, however, our custom Clustered Bar Chart Dashlet allows you to report on multiple series of data within one chart. These enhanced Clustered Bar Chart dashlets enable the side-by-side charting of up to five data points from the same module (e.g. show Sales Pipeline broken down across product lines). From there you can apply a series of custom filters, and specify specific fields colors, series, and control points.


Chart Dashlet

The Chart Dashlet is an enhanced Sugar Report Chart that optimizes the organization of the data, granting you greater functionality and control. Some of the added features include leaderboard style reporting (sort by ascending or descending order) and the ability to do an advanced drill-down into the underlying report. Additionally, we added the option to copy to clipboard or save as images to allow you to easily share a copy of the report.

Reports Dashlet

The Reports Dashlet enables you to display a row and column report directly in a dashlet without having to run a report. Out-of-the-box Sugar limits you to either showing a chart itself or a list view, while this custom dashlet depicts the content of the report records on your dashboard for easy access.

Gauge Dashlet

The Gauge Dashlet enables you to track your progress against KPI targets and displays either a Gauge or a KPI number. Notably, this dashlet allows you to define four custom ranges for key KPIs (such as the number of calls, cases processed, pipeline value, etc.). Moreover, you can personalize range colors and names according to the value. This empowers you to display information and make meaningful conclusions about whether you are hitting your goals and assigns numerical values to your KPIs.

Sales Pipeline Metrics Dashlet

This dashlet enables the tabular display of key sales KPIs and provides specific measurements in the sales pipeline. This benefits the sales manager as it enables them to track key KPIs, forecast, and monitor progress over time.

This dashlet includes the following features :

  • Organizes key KPIs around modules such as Opportunities and Quotes 
  • Tracks opportunity Wins/Loses 
  • Allows you to drill-down and view details via a hyperlink
  • Outputs chart to the clipboard for easy pasting into emails and spreadsheets 
  • Works with custom modules


Incorporating these BI dashlets into your organization is a great strategy to empower your sales team and grant them easy access to valuable information and insights. If this sounds as awesome to you as it does to me, reach out to us and learn how you get these enhancements installed for your team.

This was written by Vanlexus Franks, a marketing intern at W-Systems in Austin, Texas. She is currently a Junior at the University of Texas, Dallas pursuing a B.S in Marketing with a concentration in Professional Sales. 

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