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4 Ways to Use Sugar for Customer Support

by Katie Liesmann on October 4, 2016

4 minute read

Today most CRM platforms have built customer support features. While some require an additional fee for support components, the Sugar platform includes the tools you need to centralize support. Here are four ways you can use Sugar for customer service:

1. To Extend Your View of Your Customer’s Journey

Sugar includes a Module called Cases which you can use to save all support requests. By using your CRM to track customer actions even after the first sale, you can gain a broader picture of the customer journey for each Account. Storing support info in Sugar, rather than in a separate support tool, allows other departments to access Cases. So each time a sales rep contacts a customer, they will be aware of any recent or ongoing support cases because it will show up in the Account record sub-panel.

2. To Gain Business Intelligence on Customer Support Metrics

The only way to improve your customer support is to get an idea of where you stand today. Sugar's reporting Module lets you gain business intelligence around customer support by identifying areas that need improvement. Here are some examples of what you can learn by reporting on Cases:

  • Determine incident frequency to help guide your product roadmap
  • Measure support team responsiveness
  • Measure customer satisfaction rates
  • Compare the effectiveness of different support team responses
  • Discover which customers cost you the most money and time

3. To Automate Case Routing

Sugar workflows can automate many of your customer support processes. Automation allows your support team to focus on providing quality customer interactions and improves customer service by creating consistent messaging and response times. Here are some examples of processes Sugar will let you automate:

  • Sending auto-responders to customers who submit support tickets
  • Automatically assigning cases to support reps based on caseload, expertise, or region
  • Automatically saving support emails from customers to correlating Contact record

4. To Offer Self-Help Support to Customers

Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Ultimate both include a self-help portal. The portal allows customers to create cases, upload notes, track case statuses, manage their subscriptions and update account information. This gives them a place to log in to complete simple support tasks (like create a new support ticket or update their mailing address) without picking up a phone. The portal also has a searchable knowledge base where customers can find FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and product updates. If you properly use it, the portal could reduce incoming customer calls and support requests.

Bonus: Add Customizations to Further Automate Support

Sugar’s open-sourced API allows for a ton of flexibility with what a developer can create for you in Sugar. We’ve created many support customizations ourselves, such as a system that automatically creates cases based on incoming support emails and assigns them to the best rep based on keywords in the email. We’ve also designed click-to-text from Sugar which allowed an organization to communicate with their customers via their preferred method.

Talk to your internal engineers or contact W-Systems to learn more about support customizations for Sugar.  No matter how you configure or customize Sugar, it comes with many tools designed to help you better support your customers and continuously improve your customer service offerings. For more information on using Sugar for support, reach out to W-Systems here.

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