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4 Slack integration for Sugar Customizations

by Katie Liesmann on August 2, 2016

3 minute read

The Slack integration for Sugar is a free application for Sugar and Slack users which lets users access Sugar data from within Slack. The app comes with basic functionality that lets users ping Sugar for record data, reports, and more using commands. But beyond the basic functionality are thousands of ways to customize the integration to suit your needs--here are four examples.

Automatic Notifications

Similar to creating email alerts in Sugar, a customized version of Slack could be used as a place to notify team members of events happening in Sugar. Examples could be when a deal is won or lost, when a record is assigned to someone, or when a new lead hasn’t been touched in 24 hours. This would prevent emails from building up in their inboxes but still make their reactions to these events timely.


Creating Records

Functionality could be added so users could create Sugar records from Slack. Users might want to create a new lead, task, call or note records on the fly. Or, you might want to give your customers access to a private Slack channel so they can create support cases from Slack and use it as a support portal.


Dragging and Dropping Documents

If you have customer specific channels in Slack that you use to communicate with customers, you could use the channel as a place to share documents such as Contracts, Work Orders, Change Orders, or RFPs (Request for Proposals). When documents are updated, edited, or signed, users could drag and drop them into Slack and then the would automatically upload to the correlating Sugar Account Record.


Pulling in Custom Reports

The free app comes with several generic reports that many organizations would find relevant to their business model--such as leads created in the last seven days, opportunities won in the last 30 days and a few others. But most organizations have created their own reports to track their key business metrics. The Slack integration for Sugar could be customized to pull in these reports on different days of the week, to send specific reports to certain people in Slack, or to pull in your custom reports. You could even add in visual chart and graph functionality!


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to customizing your Slack integration for Sugar. W-Systems specializes in software customizations and wants to know--what would you add to your customized Slack integration for Sugar? Reach out to our team here.

The Slack integration for Sugar was discontinued as a free product in 2017. If you'd like to learn about how W-Systems can build you a custom Slack integration, reach out to us here