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4 Great New Capabilities for Sugar

by Paul Scondac on June 5, 2020

5 minute read

In this webinar, W-Systems and Faye Business Systems Group showcased 4 new enhancements for Sugar to help you automate and streamline processes, improve engagement, and integrate messaging.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording of the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers.

If you have questions about Sugar, please feel free to contact us.


  • Overview & Welcome
  • 4 New Capabilities in Sugar
    • wDocs: Sugar Document Automation
    • Custom Buttons
    • Sugar Messaging 
    • Splash: CRM Gamification Engine
  • Q&A

4 Great New Capabilities for Sugar

4 Great New Capabilities for Sugar Q&A

Does Sugar SMS Messaging work from Sugar Mobile as well?

Yes, the Sugar modules created by the messaging integration can also be accessed from Sugar Mobile. This allows you to create open leads or contacts and create message records to send out text messages.

Are there any limitations for On-Premise Sugar customers for the SMS messaging integration?

No, there are no limitations for On-Premise Sugar customers.

What is the pricing for Splash CRM Gamification?

The pricing is per user per year. You can reach out to Faye for a quote.

Is wDocs similar to Sugar’s PDF Manager?

At a high level, they do similar things, but wDocs can also pull information from related modules and supports custom document templates as well. You can read our blog post to learn more about the differences between wDocs and PDF Manager.

What are other actions within Custom Buttons?

You can merge records using wDocs to create documents, create or update records, trigger SugarBPM workflows, open URLs in a separate tab, or run scheduled jobs. Also, note that you can combine multiple actions into a single button. If you want to learn more about Custom Buttons, reach out to us for a personal demo.

Is Splash included with W-Systems? We are a current W-Systems customer.

Splash is maintained by Faye. If you are interested in using it and you are a W-Systems customer, just reach out to your account manager from W-Systems or contact us here and we'll help you get started with Splash. 

Can a call reminder be set via Sugar SMS Messaging?

Yes, you would have to set up a workflow within SugarBPM and set it up to be minus 15 minutes or minus a day from when the actual call is, and that would trigger a reminder message to go out.

Is there a listing of the actions that can be used when making Custom Buttons?

Since Custom Buttons is a part of wTools, you can reference the wTools User Guide for a list of actions available within Custom Buttons.

With wDocs, are you able to use templates to load or create new information in Sugar rather than vice versa?

We offer other solutions to enable you to do that. We could have something already built, or we could create a personalized customization for your specific use case.

Does wDocs work with any module in Sugar?

Yes, wDocs works with any standard or custom module.

Does wDocs work with Microsoft Excel?

Absolutely. If you have an Excel file that you'd like to upload, you can use that as a template and wDocs can either merge to an Excel sheet or a PDF file.

What else can I do with Custom Buttons?

You name it. A lot of our customers would request functionality that may not be part of the actual core add-on for Sugar, and we can tweak the products to match their uses cases. If you are looking for a specific functionality with Custom Buttons that isn’t available with out-of-the-box features, contact us and we can work out a solution.

With Sugar SMS Messaging, are you able to send out texting campaigns to invite people to a sale or a webinar or an event?

You can. You would have to use the Campaigns module, or SugarBPM workflows.

How is Sugar SMS Messaging charged? Is it per text or per user?

You are mostly charged by the number of text messages that are sent out. We have different packages available based on the number of texts that you send. If you’re interesting in Sugar SMS Messaging, reach out to us and we can offer more information.

For Splash, can I set a time limit on a game? For example, if I wanted a game to only run for a certain month or for a quarter.

Yes, you can. First, you can choose your challenges and set start and end dates to plan ahead of time. You can also reset a game at any time. You can easily do that right through the interface.

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