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12 Days of Sugar Customizations: Remove Unfiltered List Views

by Roxana Rangu on December 14, 2019

4 minute read

On the second day of Christmas, my Sugar partner gave to me…
1-2-3 clicks to find my Leads!

You spend a lot of time in Sugar. So much so that you know exactly what you want to see when you log in. So much so that you could get to that information with your eyes blindfolded. 

I’m sure you went through this scenario: each time you switch workspaces from Contacts to Leads for example, it results in your Sugar instance taking more time to access.

That’s because you are sending large queries to the Sugar server throughout the day, and therefore, your Sugar instance is taking more time to access than necessary. Moreover, if you are working with large quantities of records in Sugar, your loading list view can slow users down even more.

Before installing the Remove Unfiltered List Views package screenshot Before installing the Remove Unfiltered List Views package

If you’re thinking: “Yes. Totally me.”, then there is a way you can get to that information faster!

The solution is removing unfiltered list views for Sugar, this way your modules’ list views won’t display any records if you are not using filters, or not directly searching for them. Instead, you'll see an empty list view until you add a filter:

After installing the Remove Unfiltered List Views package screenshot After installing the Remove Unfiltered List Views package

Since you and your team most likely already use filters to access the data you need, this results in accessing your data fast and easy, with no more than a couple of clicks:

How to activate the filter in SugarCRM screenshot Activate Filter

We still have 10 more Sugar Customizations to go for this Holiday season, so make sure to check back in tomorrow!

To find out how we can help implement Sugar customizations for your organization, please reach out, we are always happy to schedule a call with you and help you make a decision!

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