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12 Days of Sugar Customizations: Package Downloader

by Roxana Rangu on December 23, 2019

2 minute read

On the 11th day of Christmas, my Sugar partner gave to me…a way to download all of my packages in one go!


We all know the situation where we might want to run a new Sugar sandbox instance but we’d have to go through the process of sourcing every package installed in our production instance. And if you’re like us, you probably thought that rather than having to through the pain of searching and downloading each one, it would be nice to able to grab all your available packages in one go.

We thought about all your needs and came up with the Package Downloader, our customization that allows Sugar users to easily download packages that have been uploaded to an instance,  just in time for the holidays! 

package downloader screenshot

After installing the Package Downloader, you will see all your packages, their status along with several other details, and you will also have a download button.

download button highlighted on package downloader screenshot

Clicking that will download the package for later use. Easy as that!

‘Tis the season to... maximize sales and conversions! Be sure you check back in tomorrow for our final present of 12 Days of Sugar Customizations! 

Want to learn more about the Package Downloader? Reach out to us and we’ll happily schedule a call to help you make a decision!

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