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10 Ways 3CLogic for SugarCRM Boosts Customer Engagements

by Rachel Brink on May 25, 2016

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms exist to assist businesses in managing the vast amount of data their customers provide and using it to more effectively build lasting relationships—right? But the missing piece of the puzzle, and one many take up for granted, is the communications component (telephony)--the true vessel that is facilitating these strong and lasting customer relationships. In fact, see what Larry Augustin, CEO of SugarCRM has to say about it: “The key to customer satisfaction in the future is retaining the human interaction, combining that with digital interaction and delivering a personalized experience to each individual. Personalization combined is what each customer needs in order to truly feel valued and demonstrates that we truly understand how to meet their needs.”–Larry Augustin, CEO of SugarCRM

Aren’t we already doing that?—NO.

So you may be thinking—“We already communicate with our customers via the telephone, along with email, chat, and social media.” But are these channels seamlessly integrated with your CRM, enabling you to automatically record and document all customer interactions within Sugar, intelligently route customer inquiries, automate lead nurturing and follow-up, and much, much more? Probably not, especially when considering that less than 10% of interactions are entered into the typical CRM. Introducing 3CLogic—the only seamlessly integrated CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) for SugarCRM.

What can 3CLogic’s CTI do for your business? Let’s break it down.

  1. Enable Self-Service: Offer customers the ability to self-service their own needs through advanced IVR menus, enabling them to access important account details directly from Sugar.
  2. Intelligently Route Customer Inquiries: Based on pre-determined agent skill groups and client information stored in Sugar, automatically route customers to the individual best equipped to meet their needs using advanced skills-based routing tools.
  3. Enhance Lead-to-Call: Quickly and efficiently respond to leads and prospects from any source (website, chat, email, and phone) while they are hot, and enhance the likelihood of a successful close.
  4. Automatic Screen-Pop: Populate agent screens with each customer’s record and previous interactions from Sugar upon every outgoing or incoming call for more knowledgeable and relevant engagements.
  5. Dynamic Scripting: Automatically populate agent screens with dynamic scripts offering custom prompts and mandating the collection of certain fields, using information provided by the caller or stored in Sugar.
  6. Follow-Up and Nurture: By simply selecting a disposition highlighting the result of an interaction, automatically place customers in designated campaigns or workflows to trigger any necessary follow-up steps while nurturing them through the sales funnel with ease.
  7. Click-to-Call: Turn each stored contact within Sugar into a convenient click-to-call button, allowing users to quickly reach leads, prospects, and customers.
  8. Contact Clients Using Local Presence: Automatically contact leads and prospects from their area code using local presence dialing--increasing answer rates by up to 400%.
  9. Automatic Screen Capture and Voice Recording: Automatically store records, transcripts, notes, and recordings of every customer interaction in Sugar for future use or reference.
  10. Consolidated Reporting: Combine call and interaction data with client information stored in Sugar to more accurately assess user performance and uncover growth opportunities.


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The following article is a guest post from our partner company 3CLogic.