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SugarCRM Among the Top 5 Enterprise CRM Leaders

September 16, 2020   •   5 minute read

Thanks to its extended CRM features, flexibility, and customization potential, SugarCRM is among Destination CRM’s top 5 Enterprise CRM leaders in 2020.

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Lead Scoring with Sugar Market

September 16, 2020   •   4 minute read

Learn more about Sugar Market’s lead scoring capabilities that can enable you to accelerate your sales cycle by sending only the most qualified leads to Sales.

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Accelerate Sales and Boost CX with Sugar Sell’s Renewals Console

September 11, 2020   •   5 minute read

How effectively are you managing subscription renewals? Sugar Sell helps you automate operations, drive higher revenue, and create customers for life!

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Using Cluster Bar Charts to Manage Goals in Sugar

September 10, 2020   •   3 minute read

Learn how to easily set up goals and manage progress for your company, teams and employees in Sugar.

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How to Use DocuSign eSignature with Microsoft Word Documents

September 9, 2020   •   5 minute read

Speed up your processes by adding DocuSign eSignature to your Microsoft Word documents.

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GoldMine Announces Premium Edition 2020.1 Release

September 4, 2020   •   4 minute read

Secure email authentication, remote access, and marketing automation with a boost are some of the highlights included in the GoldMine Premium Edition 2020.1.

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Managing Support Rep Shifts in Sugar Serve

September 2, 2020   •   4 minute read

No support inquiry is left behind with Sugar Serve’s Shifts and Shift Exceptions modules, designed to enhance your support rep shift planning capabilities!

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New in wMobile for GoldMine: Projects Metrics

August 28, 2020   •   5 minute read

wMobile for GoldMine now features Projects Metrics, for interactive data information in the form of charts and graphs. Learn more in this blog post!

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Increase User Productivity and Integrate Slack with Sugar

August 27, 2020   •   3 minute read

Learn how to easily boost your teams' productivity and collaboration by integrating Slack with Sugar.

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SugarCRM Accelerates AI Delivery After Acquiring Node

August 26, 2020   •   4 minute read

Prepare for an AI-powered era for SugarCRM! On August 24th, SugarCRM acquired Node, a California-based startup in specialized in artificial intelligence apps.

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What is Customer Experience (CX), and How Can You Improve It?

August 19, 2020   •   8 minute read

How customer-centric is your brand? Are you exceeding your customers’ expectations, or rather doing barely enough to remain a valid option for them?

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The New SugarClub: A Close-Knit Community of Sugar Experts, Partners, and Customers

August 14, 2020   •   4 minute read

Join the new SugarClub and stay tuned with everything Sugar! Latest news and events, fresh content, new tips, tricks, and engage with like-minded peers!

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