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12 Days of Sugar Customizations: Remove Unfiltered List Views

December 14, 2019   •   3 minute read

Check out the second present from our Christmas series that helps you complete tasks with more efficiency and fewer mouse clicks.

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12 Days of Sugar Customizations: Attachments Field

December 13, 2019   •   2 minute read

The Holiday Season is just around the corner, and we have 12 small “presents” for you, starting with the Attachments Field for Sugar!

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10 Top Ways to Nurture & Convert Leads Faster

December 13, 2019   •   9 minute read

Sugar Market offers detailed metrics and insights that allow businesses to generate and convert leads easily.

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3 Ways CRM Implementation Can Boost Employee Engagement

December 2, 2019   •   6 minute read

A sophisticated CRM tool can help your company in numerous ways, one of the most notable being its capacity to boost employee engagement.

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3 Rock-Solid Reasons You Need Sugar Discover

November 26, 2019   •   6 minute read

Sugar Discover will help you improve your sales strategy by leveraging the power of customer data analytics and business insights without being a data scientist

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Migrating wMobile for GoldMine to a New Server

November 21, 2019   •   4 minute read

Learn best practices to replace older hardware and how to prepare for a successful wMobile for GoldMine migration to a new server.

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The Power of Brand Marketing

November 19, 2019   •   9 minute read

Your brand is your promise to your customers. Find out how to build a strong brand marketing strategy for your company and get recognized.

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Transparency Has a New Name: Sugar System Audit Module

November 14, 2019   •   4 minute read

Have you wanted more transparency into all the changes within your Sugar instance? Now you can with the Sugar System Audit Module.

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Make Marketing Look Easy

November 13, 2019   •   6 minute read

Boost your marketing strategy with Sugar Market, the all-in-one marketing tool from SugarCRM that makes marketing...well...easy.

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5 Tips to Optimize Your Website to Drive More Conversions

November 13, 2019   •   11 minute read

Discover five website optimization tips that will help you attract more and better leads and drive conversions that result in loyal customers and awesome ROI.

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Release RoundUp: Sugar 9.2

November 12, 2019   •   7 minute read

Sugar’s latest release, Fall ‘19 (9.2) is a cloud-only release that has some awesome updates and features. Here’s our Release RoundUp for Sugar 9.2!

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5 Things that Every CRM Should Have

November 11, 2019   •   6 minute read

Check out W-Systems’ CRM Impact Score, a tool designed to help you shine a light on how effectively you are maximizing the use of your CRM platform.

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