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Get More out of CRM With Business Intelligence

April 18, 2019   •   5 minute read

In this blog post, we’ll be looking at how Business Intelligence (BI) tools can bring out the best data your CRM has to offer.

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Inbound and Outbound: Activate Your Dual Powered Marketing

April 18, 2019   •   3 minute read

Find out what the difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing is, and the major benefits you will reap using both in your marketing efforts.

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Sugar Spring ‘19 (9.0) is Now Live

April 16, 2019   •   11 minute read

Sugar Spring '19 (9.0) has been released for all Sugar Cloud and On-Premise customers, including game-changing enhancements to accelerate your business.

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Introducing SugarBPM

April 15, 2019   •   5 minute read

SugarBPM minimizes the manual efforts required by people in your company so they can spend more time working with the people that matter most, your customers.

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Building a Prospect List

April 9, 2019   •   6 minute read

Don't wait until the sales pipeline is dry, your company can be proactive in generating leads. Read this article to learn easy ways to get more leads.

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Your Slam Dunk on User Adoption

April 3, 2019   •   6 minute read

If you're still a non-mobile Sugar user, now's the time to up your game! Find out how to increase user adoption and enrich data with SugarCRM Mobile.

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Managing SQL Read-Only Users in wMobile’s SQL Manager

March 29, 2019   •   2 minute read

To be consistent with GoldMine 2018.2, we updated wMobile's requirements of a read-only SQL user in the wMobile SQL Manager.

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Using Google Single Sign-On (SSO) With SugarCRM

March 28, 2019   •   5 minute read

It’s time you stop using different credentials for every service login! Discover how to access Sugar, your email, and your other favourite tools with SSO.

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RamQuest Data at Your Fingertips

March 21, 2019   •   4 minute read

What if you could process Orders smarter, without working harder? See how to access RamQuest data from your CRM.

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Four Lessons CRM Can Learn from Mister Rogers

March 21, 2019   •   5 minute read

Mister Rogers not only had good lessons for children but also for organizations using CRM. Here are our four CRM lessons you can learn from Mister Rogers!

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5 Hacks for Getting to Know Your Customers

March 19, 2019   •   10 minute read

Do you really know your customer? Knowing your buyer is key to a successful business. Read this blog post to better understand who is your buyer.

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Managing Document Access for wMobile

March 7, 2019   •   4 minute read

Our wMobile User Group covered wMobile’s options to handle document access.

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