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Meet the Team

W-Systems prides itself not only on the sales and marketing solutions and the services
that we provide, but also on the talent of our people and our four-legged friends.  

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Christian Wettre

Christian Wettre President

Joe  Dawe

Joe Dawe Chief Operating Officer

Dennis Smith

Dennis Smith VP of Sales

Ron Canty

Ron Canty VP of Business Development

Sarah Friedlander Garcia

Sarah Friedlander Garcia Director of Marketing

Paul Candela

Paul Candela Director of Technology

Craig Cavanaugh

Craig Cavanaugh Consulting Manager

Chris Meyer

Chris Meyer Consulting Manager

Ken Clark

Ken Clark Consulting Manager

Vincent Barrientez

Vincent Barrientez Global Support Manager

Daniel Ciobanu

Daniel Ciobanu Director of Development

Ionut Tonita

Ionut Tonita Director of Development

Bogdan Cataron

Bogdan Cataron Development Manager

Ando Tita

Ando Tita IT Manager

Alexandra Voiculescu

Alexandra Voiculescu QA Manager

Andrei Voiculescu

Andrei Voiculescu Development Manager

Paul Scondac

Paul Scondac Marketing Manager

Renato Aranghelovici Developer

Adela Barzaneanu QA Specialist

Kyle Berlin Application Specialist

Fred Block Customer Support Specialist

Andrei Bonci QA Specialist

Bogdan Ioan Botea Developer

Valentin Bratulescu Developer

MaryAnn Brito License Manager

Mihaela Bulacu Marketing Content Writer

Silvia Bulacu QA Specialist

Sebastian Busuioc Developer

Lynn Catterson Customer Support Specialist

Cosmin Caval QA Specialist

Adam Chodoff Application Engineer, Certified SugarCRM Solution Architect

Andreea Constantin QA Specialist

Dominick Daddio Account Executive

Marc Dicaire Application Specialist

Roxana Dicu Associate Marketing Manager

David Dlugosz Application Specialist

Nicole Downing Client Manager

Viorel Duina Developer

Mihai Dumitrana Developer

Olivia Englehart Customer Support Specialist

Iuliana Filip QA Specialist

Bob Francis Client Engagement Specialist

Alin Gogoase Developer

Cristian Golopenta Developer

Roy Grubbs Account Manager

Marianne Hardwick Client Engagement Manager

Joe Hogan Inside Sales Manager

Oana Iovan QA Specialist

Mirel Ivan Developer

Viorel Ivan QA Specialist

Dawn Leong Client Manager

Monica Manea QA Specialist

Mihai Marinescu QA Specialist

RJ Miltner Account Manager

Sabina Minca QA Specialist

Cristinel-Constantin Mitoi Developer

Ionut Paduraru Developer

Patrick Pawlowski Senior IT Specialist

Robert Planck Customer Support Specialist

Adrian Popa Developer

Ana Popescu QA Specialist

Alexandru Prunaru Developer

Robert Radoi Developer

Roxana Rangu Associate Marketing Manager

Arturo Rodriguez-Veve Application Engineer

Aurel Roman Developer

Mitchell Ross Application Engineer

Bogdan Rotaru Developer

Sandy Simacek Customer Account Manager

Markus Staicu Developer

Gabriel Stamin Developer

Mark Thudium Goldmine Client Manager

Richard Tinca Developer

Alexandru Tranca IT Specialist

Kimberly Troy Sales Engineer

Ionut Tufis Developer

Terry Ureche Developer

Sergiu Vasile Developer